Summer’s big finale


Eliza Goldberg, Staff Writer

Ah, Labor Day. The telltale sign that the summer days are dwindling, and fall is finally starting to appear on the horizon. Labor day is not only a reminder to put the white clothing away, but it is also a time to have one last chance at the feeling of summer.

With school starting five days before Labor Day weekend, Labor Day is not just an average summer day, but actually summer’s big finale. That being said, not everyone spends their final summer days the same way. Barbeques, travels to visit relatives or vacation homes, hangouts with friends, trips to the beach, and even completing homework can be found on Staples students’ to-do lists.

Because they have the three days to look forward to at the end of the first school week, students don’t exactly have to bid adieu to their favorite summer activities when they step through the school doors for the first time. It gives them something to look forward to during those first few days of school.

“[I’ll be] going to a Met’s game on Sunday with my dad,” said Sydney Sussman ’15. “Then I’ll spend the rest of the time with friends.”

Thomas Moy ’17 plans on spending his long weekend similar to Sussman.

“I will probably hang out with some friends. After Labor Day I won’t be able to make as many plans because school will really feel like it has started,” said Moy.

Sussman and Moy, like most other Staples students, are looking forward to pursuing typical summer activities for the last time.

Students say there is definitely something special about Labor Day weekend, a unique aspect that is not found in other long weekends. “Labor Day gives students the chance to get some closure from summer,” said Alexandra Fierro ’18.

Labor Day is much needed motivation for students, and although bittersweet, a perfect chance to finish off the summer.

“It’s sad that Labor Day is the end to summer, but it’s a nice break before school gets serious,” said Channing Smith ’17.