Shawn Mendes continues to thrive with new album ‘Wonder’


Photo by Carly Kaplowitz ’21

Shawn Mendes released his fourth studio album on Dec. 4 after releasing his single “Wonder” and his collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Monster.” Mendes is also offering fans to buy the album on vinyl and CD.

Carly Kaplowitz ’21, Associate Managing Editor

With dreamy eyes and an equally dreamy voice, it is hard to not like anything that comes out of Shawn Mendes’ mouth. At just 14 years old, he was tearing at our hearts with his music covers on the popular application, Vine, and it is safe to say that nothing has changed eight years later. 

Two years following the release of his previous album entitled, “Shawn Mendes,” Mendes is back with a new documentary and his fourth studio album, “Wonder.” 

I have been a Shawn Mendes fan since I attended his concert in 2015, and I will say that this album is arguably his best one yet. He displays extreme maturity, growth in his voice and new stylistic choices that fans have never heard before. 

Something notable about this album is that he collaborated with pop singer, Justin Bieber on the song, “Monster.” This is impressive especially since Bieber has a larger fan base than Mendes. Where Bieber has 152 million followers on Instagram, Mendes only has 57 million. Although both numbers are impressive, Bieber can bring his more extensive fanbase onto Mendes’ with this collaboration.  

While in the past, Mendes often sang with only his guitar or piano, this album features other background sounds, including an orchestra, or even background singers. These added layers of background sound help to accentuate Mendes’ voice and make each song rhythmically different from the others. 

… added layers of background sound help to accentuate Mendes’ voice and make each song rhythmically different from the others.”

— Carly Kaplowitz ’21

Another notable feature on Mendes’ new album is how he often shifts from upbeat pop songs to slower, sadder ballads. For example, the songs “Higher” and “Teach Me How To Love” are upbeat tracks that make me immediately want to get up and dance, but “Look Up At The Stars” and “24 Hours” are songs that are perfect for when you are down in the dumps. 

While those four songs on the album are definitely my favorites, there is not one song in particular that I keep going back to. I find myself listening from “Intro” all the way to the last track, “Can’t Imagine,” with the same enthusiasm and love. I am captivated by the continuously changing beats and new notes he manages to hit in every song. 

Having been a Shawn Mendes fan since a young age, this album is without a doubt a 10/10. It is safe to say that the vast majority of this album will be guaranteed spots on my current playlist.