Top five hidden Netflix gems rise to the surface


Izzy Ullmann, Features Editor

Hours into a Tuesday night, the numbers begin to swim on the page. Algebraic functions morph into all of the titles of the best shows on Netflix, and it’s time for a serious binge-watch. Naturally, Netflix offers the typical stressed-out high schooler the solace that is most desperately needed, as all of the shows have the most unrealistic yet highly addictive story lines.

After pouring over the most iconic shows like “Orange is the New Black” or “Breaking Bad,” I decided it was time to venture into the dark depths of the less popular titles of Netflix, and dig up some gems that have been well worth my procrastination time. If these top five underrated shows on Netflix have yet to be seen, then, I hate to say it, but you’re doing your binge wrong.

1.) “Young and Hungry”
This fast-paced and extremely modern sitcom focuses on a poor 20-year-old girl who just landed a job as a chef for a famous programmer. The star of the show, Emily Osment, is not a newbie for TV, as she made her official debut back on the “Hannah Montana” series. She’s just as quirky and adorable for this show as she was for “Hannah Montana” five years ago. Overall, the show offers up several light laughs and a few dramatic scenes that will make you weirdly addicted in days.

2.) “Brain Games”
While binge watching Netflix is perfect for indulging in meaningless storylines, I have to admit that after watching “Brain Games” I questioned myself for not using the time for actually learning something new. “Brain Games” is a series of mind boggling scientific paradoxes that will definitely make you question your life and the world around you. Each episode is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris from “How I Met Your Mother,” and explores mind-bending illusions and everyday memory tricks that will make your brain melt. All it takes is a few few episodes, and trust me, it will trick your brain into never leaving the screen.

3.) “Chef’s Table”
In today’s day and age of food instagrams and blogs spiraling all over social media, “Chef’s Table” puts a unique and creative spin on the average foodie show. It dives into the personalities and adventures of specific chefs, as each episode focuses on a singular world-renowned chef and his or her experiences. It delves beneath the surface of the typical cupcake-making shows, and actually explores the true and shocking culture of the cooking industry all over the world. “Chef’s Table” takes any average Food Network show and amps up the basic cookie cutter plot line with an intellectual and creative flare.

4.) “Master of None”
After you’ve binged on all the seasons of “Parks and Recreation,” it’s time to take on lead actor Aziz Ansari’s new show where he plays an aspiring actor in his 20s. Ansari explores his life living with new challenges such as making a living on his own and finding true love; however, Ansari turns every episode into realms of self deprecating humor and constant scenes that are laugh-out-loud material. Ansari isn’t afraid to tell it how it is, and through the twisting turns in his life, he creates a show that feels like a play by play of every funny yet serious moment of his life.

5.) “Stuck in Love”
Calling all Logan Lerman fans. This alternative love story focuses on a teen romance and also two older romances which feature a variety of unexpected twists that qualifies this film as rather peculiar in the world of romcoms. It’s got an artsy and alternative vibe because of its in depth analysis of characters and the meaning of faith which truly leaves my mind lingering on the outcome of several romances. However, I advise having tissues nearby, and chocolate wouldn’t hurt, either.