“Spectre” fails after high expectations

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“Spectre” fails after high expectations

Max Appell, Staff Writer

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James Bond is one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time. So, as the 24th title in the series arrives in theaters, fans expect big things. Sadly those expectations fall short.

Following up an amazing performance in “Skyfall,” Daniel Craig does not produce a similar appeal this time around. Supposedly being Craig’s last Bond performance, he is not able to end on a high note.

Set in modern day Mexico City and Rome, Bond tries to reveal the works of a corrupt organization called Spectre. Bond, as usual, is accompanied by a female friend as she helps him along his mission.

The movie’s special effects and stunt work is near flawless as the scenes are immersive and make viewers feel involved in the environment but leave them wanting more than what’s given. At times “Spectre” felt like a romance or drama more than it did an action movie as its plot is slow and uneventful at times. But “Spectre” keeps people laughing as it implements many small pieces of dry humor throughout the film.

“Spectre” was a very predictable movie as it followed a lot of the Bond cliches but it also implemented a more modern twist. Bond shows a lot more emotion and character in this film than previous ones from the series.

With a rating of 64 percent on Rotten Tomatoes,”Spectre” shows to have good qualities. But in comparison to other 007 titles, “Spectre” does not live up to the franchise’s name.

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