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Max Appell

Max Appell, Sports Editor

Max Appell ’18’s love for sports is evident across all facets of his life—from playing them as a

member of the Staples High School rugby team to writing about them for Inklings News.

This passion for sports, on and off the gridiron, helped lead Appell to apply for the sports page

editor position for Inklings news. “I was interested in the articles,” he said. However, it wasn’t

just the articles he enjoyed; when he received this position, Appel also got the opportunity to

choose stories and lay out the sports section of the newspaper.

Originally from the Golden State, Appell is no stranger to rubbing elbows with celebrities. “I lived

across the street from [Shaquille O’Neill],” he mentioned with a casual grin.

And while he may a sense of familiarity with professional athletes, he will also find himself

covering FCIAC sports as a member of the paper.

“I love writing and I’m interested in sports, so I thought it was the perfect fit.”

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