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The Westport Library provides a place for Sagautack residents to vote. All throughout Westport different districts have different facilities to vote at.

Students influence the 2023 election

Sage Cohen ’25, Sports Editor November 12, 2023

Staples students are making impacts in different ways to influence our election even if they can't vote. Although the 2023 election isn't as popular as the general election one will be next year, it...

“Who are you voting for for class clown?” Senior Jeffery Pogue should take the prize for this one.

Finding Humor in Seriousness: Senior Superlatives

Abby Nevin '23 Broadcast Director, Emily Goldstein '23 Public Relations Director February 2, 2023

Election Day took place on Nov. 8 this year. Long Lots Elementary school  was one of the five polling locations available for Westporters to cast their ballot. Photo contributed by Ashley Julien ’23.

First time voters change America at polls

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor November 14, 2022

Election Day is normally a day in which students get a day off from school and use this time to sleep in, catch up on homework or hangout with friends. But, for those seniors who just recently turned 18,...

This year, many more people are eligible for an absentee ballot in Westport than ever before. Recent Connecticut legislation has led to an expected increase in absentee ballots for upcoming elections.

Many absentee ballots expected for midterm election

Matthew Stashower '25, Paper Sports Editor October 24, 2022

More absentee ballots are expected than ever before for this year’s midterm election in Westport. The reason for the uptick in absentee ballots is because of Connecticut legislation that expanded eligibility...

A portion of Staples seniors voted for the next US President and local politicians for the first time in this election.

Seniors vote for first time in 2020 election

Lea Rivel ’22, Web Arts Editor November 20, 2020

The 2020 presidential race was nothing like America has seen before. Debates between supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have erupted across the United States ever...

Candidates running for state elections placed campaign signs at heavily trafficked areas in Westport such as the intersection of North Ave. and Long Lots Rd. in the weeks preceding election day.

Local elections are more impactful than you might think

Jared Leonard ’22, Paper Sports Editor November 5, 2020

This upcoming November signifies the 2020 presidential election and the democractic tradition of millions of American casting their ballots, including some Staples seniors, but there are thousands of other...

Connecticut postpones primary elections due to COVID-19

Connecticut postpones primary elections due to COVID-19

Lea Rivel '22, Social Media Director May 4, 2020

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont moved the Democratic and Republican primary elections to June 2 in order to comply with social distancing efforts to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This...

Students were able to vote towards chicken sliders or hamburgers through taste testing outside the Cafeteria.

Discussion highlights the benefits and drawbacks of student choice

Amanda Rowan '22, Staff Writer February 25, 2020

Chicken sliders and hamburgers were put to the test on Jan. 24 through a student voting process outside the cafeteria to figure out which is a more popular purchase for students. Many Staples students...

Newspaper political endorsements more harmful than not

Newspaper political endorsements more harmful than not

Lia Chen '20, Paper A&E Editor November 8, 2018

At the climax of election season, many voters turn to the news for an objective report of candidates’ policies and standings. But not all newspapers choose to remain unbiased, and some even choose to...

Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, Connecticut is one of many protected areas that the state legislature could sell off without public consent.

On Nov. 6, vote to protect the environment

Melanie Lust '19, Editor In Chief November 5, 2018

This election day, Connecticut voters will scratch away at the checkboxes for their preferred gubernatorial, Senate and State Senate candidates. But this year's ballot offers more than a list of names....

Taylor Swift’s political outspokenness is a step in the right direction

Taylor Swift’s political outspokenness is a step in the right direction

Maddie Phelps '19, Web Managing Editor October 12, 2018

    I’m eight years old in the back seat of my mom’s SUV, jamming out to “Love Story” by Taylor Swift like it’s no one’s business. Her lyrics could not be less applicable to...

Former Staples Student Running for State Senate

Former Staples Student Running for State Senate

March 2, 2018

Jacob Kogan '18 Former Staples student, Will Haskell ’14 announced Wednesday Feb. 28 that he will be running to represent Connecticut in the State Senate. Haskell, only 21 years of age, strives to...

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