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Parking limits begin in the spring, restricting cars from remaining downtown for more than three hours during 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Westport to start enforcing new downtown parking limits

Matthew Stashower ’25, Paper Sports Editor March 15, 2024

New downtown parking rules will limit residents from parking longer than three hours from 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. This change will affect 500 parking spaces, mostly in the Parker Harding Plaza parking lot....

The Staples Wreckers took down the West Haven Blue Devils in the football Class LL state championship game.

Staples football defeats West Haven, takes home first state championship in 18 years

Matthew Stashower ’25, Paper Sports Editor December 18, 2023

Staples football took home its first Class LL state championship since 2005 when they beat the West Haven Blue Devils 21-20 on Dec. 9. Max Maurillo ’24 made a game saving tackle on West Haven’s Armani...

Antisemitism has drastically increased since Israel’s war with Hamas began on Oct. 7.

Antisemitism on college campuses must end now

Matthew Stashower ’25, Paper Sports Editor November 22, 2023

In the days since Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union among other major countries, launched a major attack on Israel on...

Students lack information about safety events such as lockdowns and other emergencies.

Administration: Why won’t you include students on important emails?

Matthew Stashower ’25, Sports Editor June 14, 2023

I read about the alleged Staples’ antisemitic incident that was posted on social media, but I couldn’t see the response from Superintendent Thomas Scarice. As a Jewish person, I wanted to make sure...

The New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves play a Spring Training game on Feb. 26 before players went off to the World Baseball Classic.

World Baseball Classic excites students

Matthew Stashower ’25, Paper Sports Editor March 28, 2023

The World Baseball Classic returned in 2023 and provided much excitement to Baseball fans. The tournament also concluded in dramatic fashion with Japan’s two-way sensation Shohei Othani striking out...

The Panorama Climate Survey displays that many students are disappointed with the Staples school climate and have lost a connection to many aspects of school.

Survey shows students dissatisfied with school climate

Matthew Stashower '25, Paper Sports Editor November 21, 2022

The Panorama School Climate Survey, which was conducted in the spring of 2022 to see how students and parents feel about Staples, reveals that many students are not happy about their school climate.  Low...

This year, many more people are eligible for an absentee ballot in Westport than ever before. Recent Connecticut legislation has led to an expected increase in absentee ballots for upcoming elections.

Many absentee ballots expected for midterm election

Matthew Stashower '25, Paper Sports Editor October 24, 2022

More absentee ballots are expected than ever before for this year’s midterm election in Westport. The reason for the uptick in absentee ballots is because of Connecticut legislation that expanded eligibility...

Horror panel of John Palisano, Gus Moreno, Lorien Lawrence, Clay McLeod Chapman and Eric LoRocca talking about their experiences writing Horror

Westport Library hosts annual Storyfest

Matthew Stashower '25, Paper Sports Editor September 21, 2022

The Westport Library held its fifth annual Storyfest from Sept. 9-10. The Library held over 40 authors from all over the country, from all different genres.  Alex Giannini, the Associate Program Director...

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