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Some well-known corporations have created “pro-gay” advertising and made their logos rainbow for LGBTQ+ pride month, while simultaneously donating millions to anti-gay politicans in recent years, presenting a problem often called “rainbow washing.”

Pride is not just one month: corporate performativity, rainbow washing is detrimental

Lea Rivel '22, Staff Writer June 12, 2022

AT&T. StateFarm. Fedex. Amazon. Xfinity. Comcast. These well-known companies all have something in common: their use of rainbow “pro-gay” advertising during June, while donating millions to anti-gay...

The Staples Pride Coalition sets up various decorations around the school  for pride month.

Staples celebrates June’s pride month

Lily Klau ’23, Creative Director June 10, 2022

As June 1 rolls around, the classic blue and white vibe of Staples High School is swapped out for the rainbow’s vibrant colors  to represent pride month. Windows have been painted, tables have been...

Released on April 22, 2022, Heartstopper provides relatable, loveable LGBTQ+ romance and journey. While season two has not been announced, season one has climbed the top-watched list in America and the United Kingdom.

Netflix’s “Heartstopper” illustrates heartwarming, intricate LGBTQ+ journey, romance 

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor May 3, 2022

When I pressed “play” on the first episode of "Heartstopper," I prepared myself for the worst. I rallied my heart to be broken once more by an unrealistic, stereotypical queer romance that categorized...

Throughout the school day on April 8, the library had a station for students to pick up their paper desk stand to show to teachers that they’re staying silent, as well as a pride tattoo to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride.

Day of silence demonstrates LGBTQ+ community’s strength

Alex Gaines ’25, Arts Editor April 28, 2022

Staples High School wasn’t exactly silent on Friday, April 8. There was still chatter in the hallways, students answered questions in class and passionate lunch discussions persisted. But there was no...

On Tuesday, March 8. the Florida Senate passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill,  which has caused controversy due to it limiting any discussion of gender identity and sexual identity in elementary classrooms.

“Don’t Say Gay” bill damaging to queer students, surrounding communities 

Lea Rivel ’22 , Social Media Director March 14, 2022

The Florida Senate passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, known more commonly as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, with a vote of 12-8 on Tuesday, March 8. Under the bill, teachers would not be allowed...

The pride coalition hosts many events including a celebration of Pride Club last year outside the cafeteria.

Pride Coalition prospers as it expands horizons in 2021

Karina Murray ’22, Associate Managing Editor January 6, 2022

Among the countless clubs that Staples has to offer, the Pride Coalition has remained a prominent safe space for all members or allies of the LGBTQ+ community who choose to participate. Though the club...

Every person has pronouns, queer or heteronormative. It is imperative for our society to not only accept those who identify with gender-nonconforming pronouns, but to respect them by properly acknowledging their pronouns.

Respect pronouns: failure to do so will destroy our society

Hannah Conn ’23, Web Opinions Editor October 12, 2021

It's sad to say that I've lost track of the number of times I have heard someone say their pronouns are: “Nor/Mal” on social media. Across platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, there has been a rise...

Dan Levy and NikkieTutorials, among other stars, used the 2021 Met Gala’s American theme to showcase the importance and power of LGBTQ+ icons and queer symbolism.

LGBTQ+ stars showcase longlasting importance of queer culture, icons at 2021 Met Gala

Lea Rivel ’22, Social Media Manager September 25, 2021

The Met Gala took place in the midst of fashion week, on Monday, Sep. 13, the 2021, as opposed to its usual date on the first Monday in May, due to COVID-19 restrictions. The theme was “In America: A...

Drake’s song “Girls Want Girls” receives backlash for fetishizing lesbians on social media including Twitter and Instagram.

Drake’s ‘Girls Want Girls’ points to greater cultural issue, fetishizing queer women

Tierney Kugel ’22, Breaking News Manager September 22, 2021

“Say that you a lesbian, girl, me too” and “I can't wait to get off work to go and see you. Please bring your girlfriend along with you” are lyrics from a new Drake song released in early September...

Staples celebrates monumental first Pride Day with excitement, reflection

Staples celebrates monumental first Pride Day with excitement, reflection

Karina Murray ’22 June 11, 2021

Bisexuality is defined as the sexual and/or romantic attraction to two ore more genders, normally both men and women.

Biphobia alianates, distances identifying bisexuals from LGBTQ+ community

Hannah Conn ’23, WEB Opinions Editor May 28, 2021

Homophobia, a blanket term for hate-based discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, is a term many are familiar with today. However, a smaller, more focused term has emerged: Biphobia. By definition,...

Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” (as seen above) that were released following his latest song, Montero, are receiving backlash due to Satanic, religious and sexual themes, despite the song hitting number one on Billboard.

Lil Nas X faces divided music industry after expressing openly gay identity

Elle Vail '23, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

Since his new song release, “Montero,” Lil Nas X has recieved an overwhelming and unjust amount of backlash due to him being one of few gay rappers. “Montero” just hit number one in the world on...

The exact borders of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is continuing to be reassessed from a variety of perspectives, with some officials and CIAC executives acknowledging the ambiguity of the term “sex” in Title IX. Others protest that transgender women do not belong in women’s sports because it violates the Amendment.

Connecticut lawsuit regarding rights of transgender high school athletes dismissed

Morgan Han-Lemus ’23, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Chatigny dismissed a case that attempted to prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls high school sports in Connecticut on April 25.  The case was made in...

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