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The future of Amazon Fresh looks precarious, as its parent company evaluates the economics of the venture. And while the company may have halted the expansion of the brand, the company’s quarterly losses related to the stores due to the costs of property equipment and operating leases are still growing (SuperMarket News).

Why Amazon Fresh has become a stale venture

Henry Watson ’25, Staff Writer November 28, 2023

The city of Los Angeles has been home to many American technological achievements. Los Angeles is where the first U.S. satellite was launched, the first freeway was built and the first American film was...

“[The rise in carjackings] is not just a Westport problem,” Police Chief Foti Koskinas told Westport residents at a town hall on Sep. 20. Communities all across Fairfield County are seeing juveniles from other parts of Connecticut coming into wealthier areas to steal vehicles, with a larger proportion of these carjackings happening in daylight rather than at night.

Westport sees rise in daylight auto thefts, carjacking

Henry Watson ’25, News Editor October 16, 2023

The Westport Police Department has reported 50 car thefts in 2023 before Sep. 30, a number that is on track to surpass the previous 2022 count of 60 thefts. “That’s [certainly] a trend that we’re...

Soaring temperatures, primarily across the Northeast, triggered concerns about the quality of learning that students were gaining whilst under such strenuous conditions. Soaring heat temperatures can also have more tragic effects. According to a study at Boston University, there are likely over 10,000 deaths in the US from extreme heat each year.

High temperatures compel early dismissals in older school buildings, highlight dangers of climate change on education

Henry Watson '25 and Corbin Chaney '25 September 21, 2023

Ninety-degree and higher temperatures across Connecticut in early September 2023 forced schools with antiquated infrastructure to dismiss students. This decision followed a summer of extreme weather records...

Students debate debt ceiling

Henry Watson ’25, Staff Writer June 12, 2023

While TikTok has moved to block the search of “chicken nyquil” and “nyquil chicken” on its website, other keywords used to bypass the measure, such as “nyquil chinchin” are still automatically recommended by the company’s algorithm and display the same content.

Students react to rise in hazardous TikTok challenges

Henry Watson, Paper News Editor May 18, 2023

Imagine you’re on TikTok, scrolling through an endless amount of short videos, favoriting the ones you find entertaining and texting your friends witty clips--all as you let the hours quickly pass you...

In 2021, Tucker Carlsons $20 million per year contract was renewed, amplifying the idea that the long-time host’s history of controversies had not dissuaded Fox Corp. On April 24, Carlson found out he was being sacked only 10 minutes before his departure was publicly announced, and his attorneys are now negotiating a final exit package, including a payout of the remainder of his $20 million salary this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox will deepen America’s political divisions

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor April 30, 2023

Nobody could have foreseen the dismissal of primetime host Tucker Carlson from Fox News. Carlson was unique in his ability to generate controversy after controversy whilst enjoying the support of his network,...

Riverside Avenue is notoriously busy for its foot traffic due to the numerous restaurants and social venues situated on the avenue. However, there are no government-installed lights to help illuminate the busy area at nighttime, nor are there any traffic lights at the large intersection near The Whelk.

Riverside Avenue car accident triggers resident concerns

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor March 28, 2023

Matthew Balga, 54, was struck by a car while crossing the street at 11:30 p.m on Riverside Avenue on March 4. According to police footage, Balga was wearing dark clothing and was walking outside of the...

The Willow Project would drastically develop and enrich local indigenous areas while providing the state of Alaska with a surge in tax revenue.

Biden administration approves controversial Willow Project

Henry Watson ’25, Caitlin Jacob ’24, Paper News Editor, Paper Features Editor March 28, 2023

Biden's right to approve the “Willow” oil-drilling project in Alaska It’s February 2020. Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential primary campaign is floundering due to a lack of support from the...

The finale episodes of Better Call were the most-watched episodes of the show since Season 3s finale in 2017, which had drawn 1.8 million viewers. The largest share of the finale’s audience came from adults in the 25-54 category, drawing in 1.1 million fans out of the total 2.7 million.

‘Better Call Saul’ secures its place in television history

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor March 9, 2023

In 2015, then-Inklings-Web-Managing-Editor Nicole DeBlasi reviewed the first episodes of "Better Call Saul”--both a sequel and prequel to “Breaking Bad”--and rated the television series as an extraordinarily...

The 2022 Midterms were one of the most consequential in history. Democrats did far better than expected, with the best results for an incumbent President’s party since 2002.

Midterms 2022: Republican ripple nationwide, Democratic sweep in CT

Henry Watson ’25, Paper News Editor November 16, 2022

The 2022 Midterm saw election denial, women’s reproductive rights and pro-Trump candidates specialize the election into one where the Democrats had a solid chance of holding off a Republican wave.  In...

Hurricane Fiona has taken a heavy toll on the already battered Commonwealth, with many Americans instead focused on Hurricane Ian, which has devastated Florida.

Hurricane Fiona ravages an already crippled Puerto Rico

Henry Watson, Paper News Editor October 11, 2022

About 200,000 Puerto Ricans are still left without power, as of Oct. 1, with many more residents possessing an unstable, limited energy supply.  Hurricane Fiona, a category one storm, brought immense...

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