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The PowerSchool dilemma and its consequences

Lily Rimm '25, Ella Harrington '25 February 27, 2024

Quarter one is the most difficult for many students, and many stress out about and struggle to maintain a good first quarter grade.

The quarter one conundrum; strategies to succeed when faced with the most difficult part of the year

Hannah Salpeter ’25, Staff Writer October 27, 2023

There’s often controversy over which quarter of the school year is most difficult, but I can assure you there is a right answer. During the first quarter of the year most students, including myself,...

The math department, along with many other teachers and students, object to the stress caused by PowerSchool.

Math department challenges PowerSchool obsession

Madison Mayr ’24, Paper Sports Editor February 17, 2023

As the bell rings at 8 a.m., a student opens their computer, typing quickly in the search bar. The tab they've searched stays open throughout the day, surviving the purging of others. It finds a home on...

A new proposal by the math department suggests removing the display of the decimal points in PowerSchool.

Math department proposes removal of decimal point display in PowerSchool gradebook

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager February 14, 2023

It’s thanks to the website we all know and love that students and parents have 24/7 access to their grades- shoutout PowerSchool! Through Westport Public School’s online system of reporting grades,...

Two students receive their grades as one is disappointed about a perfectly good grade, the other beams in delight.

Students’ worth goes beyond the horizons of a grade

Katherine Phelps ’25, Opinions Editor November 16, 2022

In high school, there’s always the feeling of wanting to do your best. Whether that be with sports, theater or school work, students are constantly striving to be the best version of themselves, especially...

Sometimes dropping a class can be a tough decision, but for me, accepting that I wasn’t good at Multivariable Calculus relieved my academic stress.

Math isn’t for everyone, and I won’t let my failure define me

Ella Shi ’23, Managing Editor November 1, 2022

Growing up, math was always a subject I was naturally good at. I remember in third grade, my mom and I would sit at the dinner table after eating and do algebra sheets she printed out. Each right answer...

An illustration of how late/missing assignments affects a student’s mental health. In response to these statistics, teachers should wait to submit their grades until the student is healthy and able to submit their assignments.

Teachers’ missing work policies unjustly burden sick students

Aidan Sprouls ’23, Web Opinions Editor November 22, 2021

Every Staples student who has ever been ill knows the daunting feeling of opening up PowerSchool the day after being absent and seeing that they have received multiple zeros on assignments they missed....

Students commonly see this screen on their powerschool page, showing nothing but empty slots where grades should be. Some teachers decide to wait until the last minute to input their grades for the quarter, leaving students questioning and wondering what their grades will be for the quarter.

Grades entered on last day of the quarter, create frantic students: Do better, teachers

Izzy Sareen ’22, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

It’s the time all students dread: the end of the quarter. For Staples High School students, it’s a little more rough than it may seem. The last two weeks of the marking periods always leave students...

The PowerUpdate app immediately notifies students when a new grade is added into PowerSchool, reducing stress from constant grade-checking.

PowerUpdate app intends to relieve stress about grades

Ella Shi '23, Features Editor November 2, 2020

Every high school student understands the stress of waiting for their teacher to post a grade on PowerSchool. They refresh and refresh and refresh, hoping their grade will change, but it doesn’t. For...

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