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Released on Nov. 22, “Maestro” pays a respectful tribute to Jewish composer among offensive minority representation in Hollywood.

The ethics of a nose: Netflix’s “Maestro” raises questions from critics

Zoe Boxenbaum '25, Broadcast Director December 18, 2023

After six years of preparation, an $80 million budget, 129 minutes of run time and one prosthetic nose, “Maestro” (a biopic about legendary Jewish composer Leonard Bernstein) has proven to be a box...

Staples boys’ football locker room (right) and the Staples girls locker room (left) are drastically different.

Difference in locker rooms prompts strong student reactions

Indie Ahl ’24, Staff Writer November 12, 2022

The Staples boys’ football locker room appears to mirror a college football locker room set up: the room contains a large, spacious, main area with individual lockers for the players lined along the...

The first of planned Wellness Activity Days occurred on Oct. 20, yet many students chose to depart prior.

Wellness day presented unfair procedures regarding attendance

Finnegan Courtney ’23, Executive TV Producer October 29, 2021

Mental health is a very serious issue across the country, and teenagers are feeling the effects in full blast. To combat this, however, Staples recently instituted a ‘Wellness Activity Day’ to take...

Chick-fil-A’s controversy varies in student impact

Theresa Vandis ’22, Assistant Business Director October 28, 2021

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, two rising social media influencers, will now star in their own show on Hulu.

‘D’Amelio Show’ likely to fall into the pits of garbage television

Finnegan Courtney '23, Paper News Editor June 1, 2021

In the early part of this year, Hulu announced and released a trailer for their new reality show, ‘The D’Amelio Show,’ an eight-part series about Charli D’Amelio and her family, her sister Dixie...

‘Hype House’ is a dangerous step into trash for Netflix

‘Hype House’ is a dangerous step into trash for Netflix

Finnegan Courtney, Paper News Editor May 11, 2021

In late April, Netflix announced they would be airing and producing a reality series focused on the controversial and headline-grabbing collective of TikTok stars known as ‘The Hype House’, a decision...

Newest Controversy: The gender of a potato

Maria Krug '22, Arts Editor March 31, 2021

Dr. Seuss is best known for his rhyming childrens books with abstract characters and concepts, however in recent events, his products of racism are being remembered as well.

Dr. Seuss’s legacy receives well-deserved backlash due to racist illustrations

Isabella Rivel ’24, Isabella Rivel ’24 March 24, 2021

Dr. Seuss’s birthday, more commonly known as Read Across America Day, was celebrated on March 2. Elementary school children usually read Dr. Seuss books in school, and they honor his birthday by having...

Countless organizations, including Dartmouth College, Stanford University, the Kansas City Chiefs, Clevland Indians, Golden State Warriors and Manchester High School have changed their outright derogatory mascots shown here. Each mascot has been changed into things with no offense to any specific ethnic group.

Movement to ban racist mascots will satisfy in the upcoming future

Samantha Felner '22, Managing Editor March 25, 2020

Dartmouth College, The Chiefs, Stanford University, Golden-State Warriors, and Manchester High School. What do each of these have in common? Each of these sports teams, colleges, and high schools have...

People who are 17 and under cannot enter the festival unless accompanied by an adult. This new age policy will begin next year at the 2020 music festival.

Governors Ball changes their age policy for 2020

Mia Daignault '20, Staff Writer December 2, 2019

Governour’s Ball announced a new age policy on Nov. 25 that prohibits attendees under 18 years of age from attending the 2020 Governour’s Ball music festival. Under-age attendees can accompany adults,...

Rolling Loud will now only allow small clear bags into the festival, other types of bags are prohibited.

Rolling Loud adopts new bag policy

Mia Daignault ’20 October 4, 2019

Beginning with the Rolling Loud music festival, a new bag policy has been enacted for all U.S. festivals as a safety precaution. There are no backpacks, purses or bags allowed unless they are 12" x 6"...

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ should not be altered

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ should not be altered

Abby Fleming '20 January 2, 2019

As the holiday season begins, Christmas lights go up, cars drive around town with a tree tied to their roof and holiday classics seem to be on repeat. One song you may encounter this year is “Baby, It’s...

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