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College names don’t define who you are

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Emma Van Riper ’20, Social Media Director

September 26, 2019

As I start my senior year, I figured I’m bound to be asked by various people where I want to go to school next year. However, I didn’t figure that every parent of my friends, every doctor, every dentist or any adult I talked to would bring up college. It’s even worse with kids in my own grade, as ...

Dozens of people arrested in alleged college admissions scam

Dozens of people arrested in alleged college admissions scam

March 13, 2019

Emily Stone '20 Over four dozen people, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, have been charged in a nationwide college admission cheating scandal based off of evidence released by the FBI and US Attorney’s office. According to court records released on March 12, wealthy parents...

College decision notifications infiltrate senior life

College decision notifications infiltrate senior life

Daniel Harizman '19 and Elle Fair '19

January 3, 2019

Family legacy creates contentious debate

Margaux MacColl/Jackie Sussman, Managing Editor/Opinions Editor

March 15, 2016

College is not a pure meritocracy. Many seniors carry the perception that legacy has a significant impact on one’s acceptance. And, for a handful of schools, this perception isn’t wrong. Nevertheless, the legacy system has both its advocates and critics, often creating a contentious debate ab...

Juniors to take SAT in school, without optional essay

Sophie Call, Staff Writer

February 9, 2016

On March 2, juniors will sit down and take the SAT as their standardized test graduation requirement. However, if they’re planning on applying to a number of colleges, this SAT sitting won’t be valid. The new SAT functions much like the ACT always has –– a set of required sections, with ...

In defense of the SAT

Resistance to the SATs is growing but is it justified?

Zach McCarthy, Web A&E Editor

March 31, 2015

I took the SAT last weekend and it was fun! No, just kidding. It was actually a gruelling experience where my only guide was the disinterested Fairfield-Ludlowe proctor scanning the room for cheaters (to no avail), my only neighbor was the kid next to me who incessantly cracked his knuckles in the...

The Evolution of the College Process

From college counselors to intense SAT prep, the college process has changed in the past years.

Rachel Guetta, Editor in Chief

April 12, 2013

Adam Wheeler lied his way into Harvard and Stanford. The young Delaware con artist inflated his test scores and doctored his qualifications. He even managed to get $50,000 in financial aid. If only it were that easy. Wheeler was charged with and convicted of “college credential fraud.” Over...

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