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Zach McCarthy, Web News

The news was a big part of Zach McCarthy’s life, and as he enters his senior

year, it still is. Growing up, the news was always playing in the background, and his

older brother would give him updates. But his main goal is to change the community in a

positive way. Young Democrats, one of his multiple extracurricular activities, proves his

love for politics. “I wanted to get into local politics because that is where the the most

change happens” McCarthy said. Cold calling, a big part of Young Democrats, is when

they call random numbers and convince them to change their vote. Through this he has

learned that “people are people.” McCarthy also works with people ­ well, children ­ in

his other extracurriculars. McCarthy writes for a blog for the library Makerspace

informing families what is going on. He also works with middle and high schoolers when

tutoring social studies and English.

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