Fans flock to theaters for these five flicks


The end of the school year may feel like a barrage of AP tests, SATs and the usual standardized suspects for many, but at least we can look forward to a smorgasbord of movies for this summer. This cinematic season has something for everyone, so let’s go over the top picks:

5. “The Fault in Our Stars”

Are you in the mood for crying your eyes out for an hour or two? Of course you are! John Green’s magnum opus follows the romance between two cancer survivors as they find different ways to emotionally overcome their disease. The book swept Staples this year, and the film is sure to do the same. If you haven’t even heard of it yet, check it out.*

*Tissues are a prerequisite

4. “X-Men Days of Futures Past”

Maybe drama and all those pesky emotions just aren’t your thing. I get that. And as long as you have enough nerd in you, “X-Men’s” latest installment about our favorite mutants hopefully won’t disappoint. “Days” will prove that the “X-Men’s” exploits aren’t exactly second banana to the “Avengers” when it comes to superhero teams.

3. “Godzilla”

This is a movie about a violent entity that collapses societies within a couple of minutes (Not Yik Yak, I promise). In fact, do I even have to explain this one? It’s Walter White (he also goes by Bryan Cranston occasionally) fighting a classic movie monster! After a series of “meh” remakes, it’s about time everyone’s favorite lizard come back to wreck a couple of cities and chew his way through Japan.

2. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

My (somewhat) dark horse pick. Is Planet of the Apes relevant? No, not really. Are ambitious action films that are dark  commentaries on humanity relevant? Always. Hollywood has to keep trying to fit messages in its films in an interesting way, and, this summer, it’s coming in the form of a bunch of CGI primates. Plus, I haven’t seen James Franco since, when again?

1. “22 Jump Street”

Were you expecting something else? It was just two years ago that Schmidt and Jenko became everyone’s  favorite cops. This time around, though, they’ll be going to college. Yes, I look forward to more awkward Jonah Hill (when is he not). Yes, I look forward to more of Ice Cube yelling. Please, sign me up. Whatever explosions and car chases await our narcs is anyone’s guess. But, no matter happens, at least we can be glad it’s not all going down at Staples.