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Jackie Sussman
An avid violin player and lover of TV show The Office, Jackie Sussman ’17 has a life filled with happiness doing the things she loves while surrounded by the best people she could ask for. Sussman joined Inklings in the beginning of Sophomore year as the business assistant, and since then has thrived as a journalist. She began the political blog in 10th grade because she wants to do something in politics when she grows up, and thought the blog could give an interesting view to the Staples community. “Violin is [also] a really big part of my life,” Sussman said. Even after being turned down and yelled at by teachers, in the end she realized “It’s totally worth it.” She began playing in fourth grade, started taking private lessons before seventh grade, and since has flourished playing her first solo concert last year.

Jackie Sussman, Opinions Editor

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Jackie Sussman