Top 5 Trends that Dominated Staples 2014

Between January 1, 2014 to December 23, 2014 Staples has had many sweet and bittersweet moments.  Let’s reflect on the top 5 trends of 2014 in celebration of this great past year!

1. Polaroid Cameras
There was no better way to capture all the great moments that students had with friends than with a Polaroid camera! Pictures from Polaroids gave a fun edge to any room, and to continue the fun of taking pictures with friends in 2014, it is a great New Year’s gift to make new memories.

2. Athletic-wear
Clothing stores like Nike, Lululemon, and Athleta have dominated Staples hallways throughout 2014.  Comfortable athletic clothing definitely gave students that cozy feeling while they watched the snow blanket school grounds!

3. Ethnic Food
Whether students hung out at Kibberia or Westport Pizza,  students definitely got a taste of the world in all of these restaurants.  Why travel when all the food from different countries is right in Westport?

4. Gluten Free
Every year has ups and downs, and the temporary closing of Crumbs bakery was one of them.  However, a couple months ago, Crumbs returned to Westport with a new addition to its products– gluten free food!  Being gluten free has officially become a Westport trend of 2014, and Crumbs returning with gluten free food cements that fact.

5. Hipster glasses

Last but definitely not least, a major trend of this past year was fully-rimmed hipster glasses.  Although this style of glasses is classic to the retro-60’s era, this decades-old glasses trend resurfaced this past year.  It looks like the Jackie-O style is more influential than ever!

As the year changes, so do trends.  2015 is sure to hold new fads and new memories for all.