Paper Opinions: Staying devoted to my favorite show is an act of endurance

I wish to declare that my commitment to the show  “Grey’s Anatomy” has never wavered. I have had nothing but the fullest devotion to my favorite TV show.

That being said, even I, a major “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, can admit that  the death rate for the show spiraled out of control. After all, in season six alone, 11 characters met their deaths.    

But after 10 seasons, I guess I reached a point where there was  no turning back.  I mean, would a marathon runner give up on the 17th mile? Of course not. The only option for me was to stick it out.

Although many people call seasons seven through 11 the “bad years,”  I thought they marked the period where the show was reinventing itself. They were the seasons where the show picked up new storylines, and from there it was able to introduce new characters that kept “Grey’s Anatomy” interesting.    

For instance, in season 11, the show ended with the unfortunate death of the beloved leading man, McDreamy (a.k.a Derek). His death came as a complete shock. In fact, I am still a bit angry at  executive producer Shonda Rhimes for having the  audacity to kill off such a valuable character.  But even so, Derek’s death was a brilliant strategy to keep viewers like me wanting more. So, I will tune into next season, too, because I need to know what is going to happen to Derek’s drug-addict sister and see if she is going to have a relapse. And how could I not stay tuned to find out what happens to Meredith? What is going to happen to their children?

People say every show eventually reaches its peak and dies off. Some argue that “Grey’s Anatomy” is a testament to that fact—that even the actors recognized the show had run its course as they quit one by one. But despite the over-the-top drama, there is still something comforting about spending an hour or two (or five) with the characters I love.

No matter what your view on  “Grey’s Anatomy” is, I think it is pretty clear that the show is a master at hooking its viewers and pulling them back for more. Whether it’s a plane crash, the death of a character, a mass shooting or getting run over by a bus, the show is always suspenseful. So, maybe I did fall victim to its trashy plot lines and crazy drama. But that’s okay.  I was a willing victim through it all.