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[February 2018] Math National Honors Society provides free weekly tutoring

Alex Sprouls ’19


As the final bell rings, most students rush to their cars in hopes of beating the buses. However, members of the Math National Honors Society choose to spend their afternoons in the library tutoring their peers.

“My tutoring with the Math National Honors Society was amazing,” Sydney Panzer ’19 said. “I went the day before a test and I think it helped tremendously.”

The Math National Honors Society at Staples needs to complete a certain number of hours of community service every year to meet a quota, and tutoring is one way of getting those hours. The idea is new this year and was created when the students were thinking of different ways to help out around the school. Math teacher and Society adviser Rasha Tarek describes the initiative as “completely student-driven.”

The tutoring began on Jan. 10 and has been occurring every Wednesday after school since then with no appointment necessary.

“One of the many benefits of this program is that they don’t have to schedule an appointment beforehand,” Daniel Westphal ’19, member of the Honors Society, said. “So even if someone has a question on that night’s homework they can come in for a quick fifteen minute explanation, and at no cost too.”

To be a part of the Society, one must submit an application, have a certain GPA and an interest in math. Many Society members want to teach their peers in order to share their passion.

“I think learning from a student is more beneficial because sometimes students can come across as friendlier or seem less intimidating,” Bri Eagan ’18, member of the Math National Honors Society said.

Teddy O’Kane ’20 appreciates how the program is student-run. “They teach as if they are more of a friend rather than a teacher,” he said.

In past years, members of the Society have gone to the Math Science Learning Center and tutored students during their frees to reach their quota.

In addition to fulfilling the quota, the Math National Honors Society holds meetings to discuss various math topics, such as interesting equations and how they connect to the world.

“One of my favorite presentations so far has been when we learned how origami directly correlated to math,” Merry Hertan ’19, a member of the Math National Honors Society said.

Tutoring at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesdays will be ongoing throughout the entirety of the school year.

“Go ahead and give it a try,” Tarek said to those who are considering attending. “Let us know what you think. We always welcome the feedback.”


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