Paper Opinions: Mastering the art of April Fools’ Day

An Inklings member shares his top five ideas for getting a giggle and avoiding a suspension

A good prank is a joke that can make everyone smile.  So consider these suggestions.  They will represent the mischievousness expected for the holiday, but they will also steer you clear of getting into trouble.



This one is for the teachers and is a great way to quickly prank your students. Just as all the students enter the classroom, announce that they originally were going to go on a fantastic field trip today. However, it was canceled because nobody brought in their permission slips.



This prank was recommended by a Staples student.

“I think switching all the condiments containers in the cafeteria would be a hilarious prank. They should be all reversed. Put mustard in ketchup and ketchup in the mustard,” Wyatt Kron ’16 said.



Another neat trick that will get your friends at lunch is the old poke-holes-in-a-water-bottle-and-open-the-cap prank.

The first thing you need is an empty water bottle. Fill the water bottle all the way to the top and close it with the cap.

Next,  use a nail or pin to poke a hole on the sides and bottom of the bottle to create tiny holes.

While you might think water will come pouring out of the holes, it won’t, because of surface tension. When the lid is on the bottle, air pressure can’t get into the bottle to push on the surface of the water and the tiny holes in the bottom or sides of the bottle are not big enough for the air to sneak in.

Believe it or not, the water molecules work together to form a kind of skin to seal the holes.  Science is cool, right.

Finally place the rigged bottle on a table and wait for an unsuspecting student to grab it.



Here is a simplistic trick that is sure to fool and annoy your friends in class. Take a sticky note, write “April Fools” on it, and then stick it to the bottom of your friend’s computer mouse while he isn’t looking. Sit back and watch as he then struggles to figure out why his  mouse isn’t working.



Take a bunch of blown up balloons, tape them together and hang them in front of the door window to make it appear as though the entire room is filled with balloons. When your teacher approaches with the key, her worries will turn to smiles and relief when she discovers that the room really is not filled with balloons.