Multiple educational platforms makes online school harder for students


Ella Bloomingdale '20

Google Classroom is one of the most popular educational platforms used by teachers among the many provided.

Ella Bloomingdale '20, Staff Writer

Starting online school has been tough for a lot of students. Being taken out of the classroom setting and being stripped of in-class lessons and teachers at school has been a struggle, but as it is a new system, students are learning to get used to it. While for me personally the workload has been a lot, a problem I feel is equally as challenging for all students is the amount of platforms that teachers have decided to share their online work through.

During regular school hours, most teachers tend to use one of two methods: Google Classroom or Schoology. But even sometimes, some teachers use both and additional platforms.

Being in school made this easier to handle because for the most part, teachers were explaining to us where and when we should be submitting our work. But with new online schooling, I have found this to be more of a problem.

Many teachers use so many different outlets that sometimes it can be confusing. For example, if your math teacher uses Schoology, your English teacher uses Google Classroom, your science teacher uses both and your social studies teacher uses email. Between all of these teachers assigning all of the different assignments on many platforms, it can be hard to keep it all together and organized.

Since there is no one in person to share when and where our assignments should go, it can be confusing for students and what the teacher wants where and when. Because there are so many different platforms, there are so many different applications to check, and in all of that chaos, some assignments can possibly be missed.

With technology these days, we are lucky to have such resources to continue to do school work through computers at home and continue to educate ourselves and stay on top of our work every day. But, I think that it would be a better solution for teachers in an attempt to make online school slightly easier for students to agree and stick to one platform for submitting all of the work.

I think all teachers should make a switch to just using one platform. This will make it easier for students to keep all of their work in one place. While some teachers may have to get used to using a different platform, they are all very similar and offer most of the same resources and tools.