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As the US reaches its third month of quarantine and as unemployment continues to rise, we need to start thinking about getting our economy running again.

Reopening economy will save more lives than national lockdown

Graham Wood '20, Staff Writer June 3, 2020

It’s been three months since Staples closed its doors in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Staples students, Westport residents and essentially the rest of America have locked up and...

As America reaches its third month of quarantine and as 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, when will it be appropriate to open up? Should we develop herd immunity or maintain our lockdown?

Exploring pandemic responses, which one is best?

Graham Wood '20 and Prasaus Yeager '22, Staff Writer and Paper Opinions Editor May 21, 2020

Graphic by Lia Chen ’20

Social distancing becoming optional, still obligatory

Lia Chen ’20, Associate Managing Editor May 17, 2020

At long last, after what has felt like an eternity, summer is finally beginning to approach us. All around our community, there are signs that life seems to be returning to normal: the weather is starting...

Google Classroom is one of the most popular educational platforms used by teachers among the many provided.

Multiple educational platforms makes online school harder for students

Ella Bloomingdale '20, Staff Writer April 20, 2020

Starting online school has been tough for a lot of students. Being taken out of the classroom setting and being stripped of in-class lessons and teachers at school has been a struggle, but as it is a new...

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