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Goodbye my beloved, junior year


By Emma Greenberg ’18

Dear junior year,

You were an essential part of my high school career and arguably the most important year out of all the four in high school. Therefore, I already knew before entering this academic year, that I would love you fully. I would not mind whatever obstacles you threw at me. Whether it be exhaustion, too much homework, or too much pressure, I was ready for the challenge.

I chose to ignore the constant reminder from my elder peers that you were a “living hell,”because deep in my heart I knew they were wrong. I don’t think you were a living hell at all; quite the opposite actually. I think you were a paradise on earth. If paradise meant a never ending spiral of expectations and work.

Firstly, thank you for teaching me time management. My five hours of homework a night was rigorous and stressful, but it taught me that I have to get my priorities straight. I was a real fool; of course I should value homework over eating and sleeping. You taught me that granola bars are a great substitute for a substantial dinner, and that there’s not really a difference between two hours and 12 hours of sleep. The sacrifices are worth earning the mere 10 point difference between an 80 and a 90 on a test.

Secondly, thank you for teaching me that having a social life is not important. I don’t need to leave my study space in order to get human interaction,I can do that in college. I don’t need to have human interaction from the outside world. I have the founding fathers in my Government textbook to keep me company at night. I don’t need to have real conversations with people; I have Henry David Thoreau to enlighten me.

Lastly, thank you for teaching me that nothing exists outside of college. I have my GPA and SATs to worry about;. my health and well being won’t get me into college, so why should I care about them?

So junior year, I send you a sweet goodbye. I will miss you greatly.


Emma Greenberg

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