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iOS is back and better than before


By: Lili Romann

Apple will forever be our go-to source of getting the latest, most high-tech, sophisticated, simplest products, and it all just got easier. iOS 10, the newest software Apple has released, contains many new features that enhance the general experience of using an  iPhone.

I’ll start off with the fun stuff. Though I wasn’t sure it was possible, Messenger is now much more engaging because Apple added over five new, eye-catching features. I enjoy the handwritten message feature that allows you to paint an image with your finger and then send it as an iMessage. There are also several other features related to text messaging including GIFS and “stickers” which you can send in response to a text you have just received. While many of these additions are unnecessary, they are still fun to use with friends.

Another improvement is the option panel which allows you to choose between sending a drawing, a song, an application, a GIF or a picture from your Camera Roll. This has really simplified the task of sending photos over text because it allows users to select more photos at once. In the past, sending photos to my friends over text was always quite a struggle, so these improvements in facilitating photo attachments are beneficial and are a major time-saver.

The most important part of an update is its practicality, and I would hardly say that iOS 10 fails in this category. I really appreciate the improvements made to Siri.  She can now make reservations at restaurants and provide users with the quickest, most efficient route to arrive at their destinations.

These features are crucial for people who are GPS-dependent, like me. I have personally dealt with many chaotic car rides due to the untrustworthy Maps directions, that got me home in four hours rather than the 30 minute, quicker route.  So, having a more trustworthy and knowledgeable Siri is a God send.

While I am a fan of most of these updates, I have noticed that they tend to make my phone a bit glitchy. Generally, too many operations at once on any device can be quite problematic. After using multiple apps within a few minutes, my screen will tend to freeze up.

Still, Apple gets a thumbs up from me. I feel the new features are helpful, fun, entertaining and useful. Apple continues to succeed at what it does best: making their buyers’ experiences the simplest they can be.

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