Don’t take away our tech

Although there has been unease about student privacy on the WPS wifi, the system does not have access to usernames and passwords attached to applications and sites that are not school-affiliated. So, it’s not really our internet security that we should be concerned about.

What is justifiably concerning is that in any given classroom, students might be allowed to keep their phones face up on their desks and their computers wide open, but in a classroom next door, phones might be confiscated at the beginning of class. It all comes down to a teacher’s preference.
Technology has tremendous potential to aid learning in a classroom setting. Thus, it’s no longer a question of whether or not technology belongs in the classroom. It’s a question of how to use technology most effectively.

As students, we should always have the option to use our technology in school, but we also need to learn how to control it and to use it when it’s most beneficial to our learning.
For teachers, an effective balance between using technology enough and using it efficiently must be balanced.

Half of class does not need to be wasted by pairing off students using an online name generator. With that said interactive articles and high-tech activities can significantly improve the learning experience.
Teachers also need to best learn how to help their students co-exist with their technology. A teacher or administrator taking away a phone seems counterproductive in the 21st century, for in life, no one and nothing is going to limit how much you Snapchat or browse your Instagram feed.

Therefore, if you get distracted in class, the repercussions are yours alone. Self-control is an incredibly important skill, and with more and more access to technology, it’s harder for us to learn. We learn to have self control with every other facet of life like how we treat others and have to practice that from pre-k on. With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in education it is essential that we become responsible online. We need to be exposed to tech and learn how to best use it and how to present ourselves online. Taking our tech away isn’t solving the problem. It’s simply delaying the consequences.