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EDITORIAL: Continuation of remote learning requires clear communication from administration, teachers

As the remote learning program progresses, many have expressed confusion due to a lack of clarification or communication from administration and teachers. We hope we can prioritize clarity in the coming weeks.

April 17, 2020

As school’s resumption is further postponed until May 20, it is critical that we continue examining and improving the remote learning program for the foreseeable weeks. In the past month, a pressing need for clear communication and transparency has surfaced; students, teachers and administration wou...

EDITORIAL: Spread of COVID-19 displays both a unified, hostile Westport community

Photos such as this one, published on Westport’s 06880 blog, have circulated on local platforms and social media groups, garnering mixed reactions. Some comments criticize students for leaving the house, while others commend their creativity.

March 31, 2020

As the Westport community concludes its first few weeks grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed both productive community efforts and difficulty following the social distancing and quarantine protocol. We would like to commend the efforts of much of the Westport community; many ha...

Why Switching to the New Daily Schedule is Not the Solution

Why Switching to the New Daily Schedule is Not the Solution

June 10, 2017

By Charles Colasurdo '18 The announcement of the new schedule for the 2017-18 school year has been met with both praise, criticism and confusion. Proponents tout the proposed efficiency and ease of use of “A, B, C and D” days. Opponents say that it fails to address the stagnation of the current...

[Nov. 2016 Editorial] Battling bystander effect requires administrative change

[Nov. 2016 Editorial] Battling bystander effect requires administrative change

November 22, 2016

First, we would like to recognize some Inklings’ members’ roles in the “Staples Meme Page,” a Facebook group in which offensive memes were posted. Several Inklings’ members joined the group and most didn’t immediately report it. This was an oversight. Those who did not inform the administ...

Editorial–In tolerance we trust; information required to promote mass acceptance over mass prejudice

Editorial--In tolerance we trust; information required to promote mass acceptance over mass prejudice

Editorial Board

May 5, 2016

In 2015, an all new reality TV show premiered across America: the presidential primaries. This primetime hit may have provided us with an all-we-can-eat buffet of embarrassment, idiocy and bitterness, but it has also inspired record political participation. Total Democratic voter turnout has rivaled...

Paper Editorial: United, we stand… and sit

April 5, 2016

Every day at 8:25 a.m., the majority of students sleepily rise out of their chairs to stand, shifting their bodies to face the flag, putting their right hands over their hearts. Then, at the sound of a beep from the intercom, the students recite one sentence in perfect unison, the same sentence they ...

Don’t take away our tech

March 11, 2016

Although there has been unease about student privacy on the WPS wifi, the system does not have access to usernames and passwords attached to applications and sites that are not school-affiliated. So, it’s not really our internet security that we should be concerned about. What is justifiably concerning...

There should not “B” a stigma

February 12, 2016

On a day to day basis, school can sometimes seem insignificant––taking notes from a smart board, being drilled with mathematical equations, scrambling to finish a lab or praying to remember homework. But when looking at our high school education in the context of our entire lives, we can see...

Free the nipple

January 8, 2016

Right now, the world is a very complicated place. There are people claiming to be armed militia in a building in Oregon; there are threats of terrorism left and right; there is a deadly outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil. On top of this, there is still racism and sexism that permeate daily aspects of...

School shootings

November 11, 2015

At Staples, we have the opportunity to delve into many unique courses of study. Latin American, differential equations, Mandarin Chinese, caribbean literature, forensics: you name it, it’s likely we have it. And yet, why is it that when we look out the window, the truths of the world are still...

Fatality of a fad

October 21, 2015

When cigarettes first became popular, many people smoked. Cigarettes were advertised on the television and the radio. They were endorsed by celebrities, characterized as sophisticated and marketed towards teenagers. At the time, there was little to no research about the effects, short or long-term, but...

No connection, no consequence

September 21, 2015

In Westport, a town that’s in the most affluent county in the wealthiest state, people shoplift––oh, the irony. Since we were little, we’ve been taught right from wrong, good from evil. Anyone living in our community is aware that stealing is against the law and can result in jail time, required...

Take two steps forward and one glance back

June 21, 2015

Come fall, some of you will be studying in Scotland, while others will be bundled up in Syracuse. A few will be training for the military, a handful will be travelling the world, many will be driving down the highway to UConn and others will be across the country at USC. Some of us will study to be...

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