Snapcash is straight-up stupid

Snapcash is straight-up stupid

It’s never good news to get a notification from “teamsnapchat.” Especially when it isn’t a national holiday. But on November 17, I decided to listen to what the app developers had in store.

What their video showed me was one of the the stupidest, most unnecessary updates in the App Store’s history.

Snapchat started out very promising, as a way to send funny pictures and videos to your friends. Then they added the idea of “stories” to the mix, and I’ll admit, I’m a fan.

Most recently, they attempted to make Snapchat take over text messaging too, with the confusing text chats and malfunctioning video chats. They have now added onto those text chats, by allowing people to send money over Snapchat.

Now I understand updating to try and compete with other social media apps (Instagram adapting a Snapchat-like messaging, Snapchat adding the text chats), but for a social media app to try and take over part of a banking app is just uncalled for.

Also, I’m gonna say what I think is on everyone’s mind, this is going to be used for the trading (and now buying) of explicit photographs and videos.

After that first thought crossed my mind, I tried to think of what else it could be used for, and I honestly couldn’t think of it. Besides stealing someone else’s phone, and snapping yourself 100 bucks, I don’t see any use for this update. I would imagine everyone who would want to exchange money through their phone would do it through the official banking apps.

Honestly, I love Snapchat. I check it incessantly, and I don’t blame them for attempting to get ahead. Innovation is what keeps competition alive, which is a necessity in our world.

But this particular innovation, with a social media app attempting to enter the world of banking and money exchange is unneeded and frankly stupid.

However, if they allowed the transfer of Trident Layers instead, I would fully stand behind it.