The Jeep wave uncovered


In the land of Oz, the “Horse of Different Colors” gallops along happily throughout the street. In the land of Staples, you’ll notice something similar. You’ll see the different colored Jeep Wranglers parading into school, almost as if they’ve all planned to park side by side, gloating in their popularity.

Jeep Wrangler drivers have a deeper connection than just driving the same type of car, however. They communicate with each other using “The Jeep Wave.”

The jeep wave occurs when you’re driving in a Jeep Wrangler while passing another person driving in one as well. Before you pass, you give them a slight wave from the steering wheel, and go on with your day.

But, the Jeep Wave only works when it is mutually reciprocated, which unfortunately, doesn’t happen all the time.

I’ll be having a great self esteem day, you know, those days where your hair is on point and you’re blasting the new Taylor Swift song, and I’ll spot a Wrangler down the road. Now, I KNOW, they’ll wave back because, come on, this day is a good day.

I confidently flash the signal first, maybe throwing in a little peace sign behind the wheel since my adrenaline is rushing. But, the person who thinks they’re “too cool to give me a wave back,” drives by me with no acknowledgment at all.

My hand still raised above the steering wheel and my coolness now sucked completely out of me.

Denial strikes. Oh, they just didn’t see me it’s totally fine I was just stretching my hand across the steering wheel trying to aim and kill a bug. They didn’t see me, I’m still cool. My good self esteem day completely ruined, however.

Next time you’re driving behind a Jeep Wrangler, give a wave back. It could make that person’s day so much better.