“Mean Girls” is still grool 10 years later

Before we got here, all we knew about high school was from “Mean Girls.”

As elementary and middle schoolers, we anticipated dealing with endless hours of girl drama, dreaded having to follow all kinds of crazy fashion rules, and looked forward to the days when we could jump in a friend’s car and speed off to go shopping.

While a lot has changed (Who does four way calls anymore? It’s all about group texts these days), “Mean Girls” is as relevant as ever ten years after its release.

“Mean Girls,” while admittedly a little over-the-top, perfectly captures the trials and triumphs of high school life.

An elaborate unspoken dress code? Check.

A cafeteria so cliquey it can literally be mapped out according to friend group? Check.

Halloween as an excuse to flaunt your figure? Check.

An anonymous way to target other students? Unfortunately, check.

Embarrassing yourself in front of your cute classmate? Check and check.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but I truly do believe that this movie is timeless. Underneath all the jokes and Kalteen Bars, it actually teaches us some valuable lessons.

For instance, the Mathletes versus Spring Fling dilemma is applicable to almost any situation – we all know a time where we’ve had to choose between doing the right thing and doing the cool thing.

Ten years later, “Mean Girls” remains relatable, relevant, and ridiculously quotable.

Need more proof?

People are still trying to make “fetch” happen.