Senior Internships: Through the Eyes of a Junior

There are 17 students in my physics class. Of those 17 students, nine are seniors. When internships role around in about two weeks, my class will be left with eight students.

Ever since acceptance letters reached these seniors, they have not been the same. Senioritis took over and they lost all motivation to pay attention and do their work. There no question that they are ready to get out of school and be introduced to a new environment.

“My work at Staples is done,” Matty Campbell ’13 said. “I can’t wait to start internships.”‘

For us juniors being left behind, the feeling is bittersweet.

Seniors always bring entertainment to the class. Their carefree attitudes and constant chatter is impossible to ignore. With only eight students in the class, it’s going to be so quiet and lonely – but it could also be a good thing.

Over the past few weeks in physics these senior’s antics have been rubbing off on me, and my work ethic has depleted. Although it’s not directly the fault of the seniors, their presence has seemed to jeopardize my grades.

It seems that teachers may share the same feeling. Physics teacher Miss. Klouda, said, “It’s happy-sad. I always miss my seniors when they leave but I’ll be waving them out the door with a smile.”

Although they will be missed, I wish the seniors the best on their internships and can’t wait to get my physics grade back up.