The Dimensions of 3D Movies

In the beginning, films were silent: no color, no sound; just moving pictures on a screen. Then films were transformed with sound, and then the industry added color, and then came 3D.

But what’s so special about that? We all know that the people in live action movies aren’t drawings, and what’s wrong with a regular 2D movie? What’s the big deal about a 3D movie?

First of all, audience members get the glasses. The glasses are my favorite part. Especially when you go to special movies, like the last Harry Potter, have their own specially designed 3D glasses. After the movie, you go home, pop the little 3D lenses out and boom, instant nerd glasses.

Second, some 3D movies have really amazing effects. The directors really know how to use the 3D to their advantage. In some 3D movies you can sit there and see a character throwing a punch towards the camera or throwing something at it. Or maybe the director made the scenery pop.

Even though the effects aren’t up to most people’s standards, for example that we should duck when someone throws a punch in the movie, it’s still pretty cool to see the 3D effects.

Some movies are now being re-released in 3D; mostly Disney movies like Monsters Inc. Why re-release it? Especially in 3D? Well, for one, many little kids will go see it. Other people may like the 3D effects and maybe in this movie the 3D will really stand out.  With the technology we have today, we can probably improve 3D movies to become more realistic as time goes on.

Who knows, maybe 3D movies will become a thing of the future and regular 2D movies will be as outdated as drive in theaters or silent films.

Maybe in the future they will have 4D movies where you’ll be able to feel and smell what’s going on in the movie as if it’s going on around you while you have a panoramic view.

Hey, you never know.