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Did the BOE Really Make the Right Decision?

Abbey Fernandez and Elizabeth Camche
The Board of Education voted on Dec. 3 to keep both February and April break intact after Hurricane Sandy.

On Monday, December 3rd, the Westport Board of Education made a decision on how to handle the school days lost due to Storm Sandy.

While many students are happy with the decision, which kept both February and April break intact, the school year was extended to June 25th if all the snow days are used up. In addition, a staff development day will happen on a Saturday, and split a staff development day and integrate it into a half-day of school.

However, I am one of the students disappointed with the decision made.

It’s not that I don’t love my days off during the school year (I really do), I just like summer break way too much to shorten it. I was hoping they would cut out a little from February or April break so I could still enjoy a nice, long(er) summer vacation, but alas, it didn’t turn out that way.

The year is already way too long. We start in August, which is a month that should be a part of summer vacation, and then it ends in late June.

That only leaves one full month for summer: July. How much can you get done in a month? Not much, if you ask me. June is already used up from school, and I use August to do all my summer homework and reading. So that only leaves July for me to really enjoy the virtues of summer vacation.

I also worry how teachers are going to make up the work missed during the storm week. Some, understandably, are going to give homework over the breaks. During the December break, I know I’ll be reading my textbook for History and another book for English. This isn’t how I would like to spend my precious week of from school.

So, my summer vacation will be shorter and break will be filled with work; what about the A.P. tests this May?

This is the year some students are taking their first A.P. class this year, so why should they have to be even more stressed out about the workload of their A.P. class then they already are? Some of my due dates for my A.P. class have already been pushed back enough, and I don’t want all of us to have to make up for the missed work in the end.

While a majority of students seem happy that the breaks weren’t cut this year, they may be ignoring the consequences.

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