To Submit, or Not to Submit? First Quarter Grades put Seniors into Frenzy

Throughout all my years of high school, whenever my mind would flash to my future moments as a senior, it would always skip over one key aspect of this year: first semester.

First semester, I have learned contains two very important things. The first is the obvious one, school, and the endless amounts of homework that accompanies it. Secondly, and what I believe to be the most stress inducing is the application process.

While, any outsider looking in on a Senior’s journey through the process would assume the most stressful part of it all is actually doing all of the applications, they are unfortunately inaccurate. I have recently learned the truth of the matter, and that is that the hardest part of the whole thing comes from actually clicking the submit button.

Think about it, three and a quarter long years have been spent slaving away on homework in order to get the perfect grades and test scores. Not to mention, the hours spent doing a whole array of extracurricular activities in order to be the best applicant possible. All of these moments of time have been spent working towards that college acceptance.

However, as my finger has hung over the mouse, moments away from clicking submit, thoughts flash through my mind of maybe I won’t be good enough. Perhaps, all of the hard work I have put in could go to waste simply in the time it takes for me to open the decision email.

As the deadline for many schools speedily approaches I find myself being forced to click that button. And while I sit on the couch of my family room, struggling to decide whether or not I should look through the application one last time (even though it is never really the last time), I finally click that button.

But, then the next I know a new screen has popped up on my computer asking if I would like to review my application one last time. And come on what other choice do I have, who knows I could have possibly spelt my name wrong even though my mom has gone through each step over fifty times.

So after reviewing it, for what I tell myself is the last time I end up back again at the dreaded Submit.

My eyes begin to blur over from staring at the bright computer screen, so finally I realize what choice do I have? My parents have already shut down the idea of my living at home forever. Closing my eyes I push the button, and as the butterflies fill my stomach I think hey at least I’m one step closer to the application finish line.