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Never Too Old To Trick or Treat

Katie Settos

Trick or treat smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. If you don’t I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear.

Don’t you miss it?

Hearing that nostalgic phrase is something that still reminds me of exciting moments from my childhood which can be attributed to only one holiday, Halloween.

Do you remember when you were first told about it? You got to go around to every house on the block, and they had to give you candy. All you had to do was dress up as a superhero.

It sounds almost too good to be true.

And it’s such a small price to pay for such a great reward. You don’t even have to bribe me to dress up as a superhero. If it were acceptable, I would do it everyday.

I remember walking down my street inCalifornianot even questioning the fact that I was dressed up as a masked ninja. All I knew was that if I did it, I got candy.

That’s logical kid thinking.

And picking out Halloween costumes has to be one of the most fun activities in the world. Think back to when you were searching for the right one.

There were the scary ghost, ghoul, zombie, and Dick Cheney costumes. Then there were the hilarious sumo wrestler, Stewie from Family Guy, and Charlie Sheen costumes.

But you have to pick the right one.

Every kid knows the better costume you have, the better chance there is you get two pieces of candy instead of one. And that extra piece of candy might as well be the difference between life and death.

That is the adrenaline-filled goal of Halloween. Get as much candy as possible by any means necessary. “When people left out buckets of candy saying take one, I took the whole bucket,” recalls Spencer Carr ’13.

That may be a little rude. But I can’t blame him.

Candy is everything as a kid.

The only reason people pretend it isn’t a big deal now is because they think they are “too old.” Well, let me clue those people in: you are never too old to trick or treat.

Why would you think others would look down on you for having the time of your life? Why would you give into peer pressure and try to forget the joy of Halloween?

I would much rather spend a night sinking my teeth into sweet Hershey’s chocolate than watch girls act drunk in revealing costumes.

Just a little head’s up to girls; Wonder Woman actually wore clothes.

And trying to justify not going trick or treating because you are going to a party is no excuse. No party has ever been able to outdo Halloween.

Have you ever been at a party that has taken up an entire block? Has a party of yours ever stopped traffic? Ever attended a party that the cops don’t even try to stop?

I didn’t think so. So, let me give you a little advice. Put the beer down and go pick up a costume.

Every explanation teenagers use for not trick or treating can be easily thwarted.

The only somewhat reasonable excuse is Devon Lowman’s, who says, “I’m too busy oiling my abs.” In which case, I understand. You have to keep the girls happy.

But other than that rare scenario, I expect to see all of you out and about next Halloween.

I’m sorry but it needs to be said; Halloween is a joyous time that is forgotten with age.

Maybe that is why kids are always so happy and adults are always walking around hunched over with a scowl on their face. Did that ever occur to people?

It’s just a theory, but I think I’m onto something here.

So if you are ever feeling downtrodden, sad, or stressed, and you need to have a good time, just remember one thing. You are never too old to trick or treat.

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Zach Speed
Zach Speed, Staff Writer
While his name often falls victim to cheesy clichés, it doesn’t fail to describe the best part of Zach Speed’s hockey game. The newly appointed Staples Varsity Hockey captain only started playing in 8th grade, but has worked on his game to become one of the best Wreckers out on the ice. Despite a tenure in journalism, another one of Speed’s interests, he has a difficult time picking between the two very different activities. “The hockey team is smaller and more intense,” he says. “But journalism is laid back, and the teachers really let you write about what you’re interested in.” Because he decided to fit both into his schedule during an already busy senior year, Speed’s life can be hectic. For example, for one of his Inklings’ articles last year, he was required to rewrite his article four times, despite having to deal with the standard workload of a high school junior. When asked what his favorite word was, he ironically hesitated. “Ummm… eloquence,” Speed said. “You can probably do something with that.”
Katie Settos
Katie Settos, Creative Director
While many students at Staples spent their summers bumming it at Compo beach, Katie Settos was busy hiking the tallest mountain in Northern Europe. Katie spent three weeks of her summer on an action packed, challenging, and frankly dangerous backpacking trip through Norway; but that’s just the type of girl she is. No challenge is too big of a challenge for Settos, even if it means spending six hours climbing a slippery glacier in sub zero temperatures. Katie was totally up for test of spending half of her summer completely disconnected from the rest of the world: “I really like the outdoors, even though I’m not a sporty person.” Settos explained that her backpacking trip was one of the best experiences of her life, and that she was so glad she decided to go on it, “I just love a good adventure.” When Katie isn’t spending her summers going on adventures all over the globe, you can most likely find her designing fashion and sketching. Katie is a dedicated artist and describes her time drawing as “a distraction from school and stress.” Art is her happy place, a time where she has a peace of mind. Katie’s passion for fashion is fitting for her position at Inklings as the Creative Director. She gets to design, assemble, and put her own creative twist on almost every issue. So if you ever see Settos in the hall, make sure compliment on her amazing art abilities that help make Inklings what it is today, but also give her chocolate peanut butter ice cream; it’s a staple in her everyday routine.

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