Tips from a Teenager: Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Tips from a Teenager: Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Schwaeber firmly believes that eating nutritious foods and staying active are vital to being healthy.

I don’t know about others, but seeing the sun shining through my math class window and then going straight home to do homework without spending any time outside makes me want to throw my backpack against the wall and throw a fit like a four year old.  But instead of taking the immature approach, I decided to make a list for others and myself in an attempt to prioritize my time better.  After making this list, I have had a much easier time managing my schoolwork, finding personal time for myself, and ultimately living a healthier life, and now I want to share it with other people who have similar goals as I do.

1. The first thing I have found extremely helpful in my attempt to living a healthier life is transferring my workout from inside to outside.  If you are a Staples student, you most likely have a fitness Edge membership.  We get it.  But there is much more to exercising than just going to the gym where you are trapped inside four walls with air-conditioning.  Go OUTSIDE!  Take a bike-ride, walk around the beach, play basketball or soccer.  If you are somebody who does not like to exercise alone, call a bunch of friends and get together for a pick-up game of basketball at Compo Beach.  If you are anything like me, going on a run with a friend will motivate you to work harder and according to Lynne Vaughan, the Chief Innovation Officer of the national YMCA, “Working out in a group provides support, accountability, and structure.”  So, take a deep breath and inhale that fresh spring air!

2. We all know that the majority of Staples students stand in the coffee line before school starts and/or brings their own morning beverage from home.  However, it’s time to get fresh.  Switch to ice coffee or tea and start your morning off the right way!  In addition to this, eat healthier.  Instead of grabbing that bag of chips after school, eat some refreshing fruit, make yourself some eggs or a salad, and choose water instead of soda.  Most importantly, don’t only focus on your physical appearance.  Eat better with the mindset of feeling better, not looking better.  How you feel on the inside matters the most.

3. Where my girls at?!  Buy some new clothes and get a mani and pedi.  Spring and summer mark the beginning of new fashion trends, and nobody wants to see your gross winter toes.  According to Melisa Verrecchia, who wrote an article on the topic, the way one looks on the outside is reflective of how they feel on the inside.  With that advice, remember that it is okay to spend a little extra money on a nice shirt or new make-up if it means you will feel happier.

4. Go to New York City.  Throughout high school I have learned that as great of a town as Westport is, it can get a little bland and boring.  We are fortunate enough to have access to a train that takes you directly to the best city in the world, so take advantage of this and learn from the different kinds of people and places you see.  If this is too costly, try new activities with friends that make you happy. Often I find that going to downtown Westport or hanging out at a friend’s house gets a little repetitive, and I thrive to do something new.  When this happens, I get some friends together and go to a fun restaurant, go indoor-rock climbing at Carabiner’s Indoor Rock Climbing in Fairfield, or a barbeque or bonfire at someone’s house or the beach.  Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself while going out and doing new activities will help keep you active and smiling!

5. Finally, be optimistic.  Ultimately, looking on the bright side will not only make you feel better, but will make you healthier in the long run.  According to Optimism vs Pessimism, “Pessimists are up to eight times more likely to become depressed when bad events occur; they do worse at school, sports, and most jobs than their talents would suggest; they have worse physical health and shorter lives; they have rockier relationships.”  In addition to this statistic, multiple people in my family, including myself, live by the motto, “everything happens for a reason.”  With this mindset, I have been able to learn from everything that happens in my life, whether it is good or bad, which has ultimately helped me enjoy my own life more and becoming a stronger person.

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