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Letter to the editor: Wake up, America

How easy it was to pull the wool over our eyes. In this day and age, it is surprising how an ‘expert’ can say good news and the country seems to forget what just happened and why they needed to hear good news. The economy is a good example of this.

When will the average taxpayer realize they’re being cheated in many aspects? Not soon enough. At this rate, the U.S. economy along with the world economy cannot sustain itself upon such a dishonorable foundation. Money is being taken wrongfully, too much money, and it is going to the wrong places or is just outright unaccounted for. America will break her back trying to fix the world through endless spending, and once America’s back breaks, the world won’t ever be the same again.

The unsung war between the American people, the government and banks and big corporations is going on. The confusion that arises to simply operate one’s life financially is just too apparent for it to be accidental. It’s almost like dealing with the DMV, but worse.

According to NPR, The government is operated, now, not by the people, but by the companies who back the candidate the most. The influence is not from the people as much as it is big business. It costs a lot to get noticed on a campaign trail. Corporations are shaping America’s future, not for we the people, but for themselves and their ‘constituents’. Sending jobs overseas where it’s cheaper, and backing politicians who they know won’t interfere with their ways.

When Americans realize how badly they’re being ripped off, by their own government and their puppet masters; the corporations, I’m sure the cry will be for change, and not some Obama baloney change, but real change.

Some people see what is happening, but do not act. Others act without seeing, without seeing each other or what exactly is going on.

I hope we will realize that while we were watching TV, we were the prey of a threat closer and more damaging than Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Maybe Americans will group together to bring about changes. Or maybe we will be passive, and once America snaps under the strain, wonder why movie tickets cost $152 or bread costs $60 a loaf (National Inflation Association). Some have predicted that foreign nations will soon ‘ditch the dollar’, instead of using the dollar to buy and sell oil, they will use other currencies.

Once this happens, all of America’s printing of the dollar will be useless and what America has been avoiding will catch up with us. Prices of fuel will skyrocket in America. The dollar will be useless, and once prices skyrocket the very systems implemented to make America a 1st world country will ultimately backfire.

I wonder when people will get tired of the nonsense and take their government back, out from the possession of corporations and give it back to the true employers: We the People.


Jeremy Heitz ‘12

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