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Black bear leaves its print in Weston home


By: Colette Lippman ’17

A black bear broke into a residence on Treadwell Lane in Weston this past Tuesday, June 13, seemingly lured by the smell of bird feed on the premises.

Weston Animal Control Officer Mark Harper stated that the bear broke in because of it’s attraction to the food inside of the residence. “Bears have an incredible sense of smell,” Harper said. “They can smell food right through your house and windows.”

The homeowner, a bird enthusiast, had between 10 or 12 outside birdfeeders filled with suet, along with more stored inside the home. According to the Foster and Smith website, suet is a form of animal fat that is essential in a wild bird’s diet as a form of quick energy.  In addition, according to Harper, “the number one candy for bear is suet.”

While the bear did enter the home, it left before it was seen and before significant damage was done to the residence, The Weston Forum reported.

Kelsey Cina, a senior at Weston High School, recalled feeling shocked at the incident. “My first thought was, ‘Wow; this stuff happens in Alaska, not Weston.’”

Students at Staples have also voiced opinions on the matter. “I think that causes a sense of fear for a lot of the community because it was so unexpected,” Kate Reach ’18 said. “It’s also really unusual and the reasons why the bear broke in were strange.”

The homeowner had noticed as of late that his bird feed had been disappearing at rapid rates. At one time, all of the suet in one of his outside bird feeders had disappeared within 60 minutes, The Hour said.

According to The Weston Forum, similar incidents have been reported recently in the town. “In another incident last week, Harper said a bear was spotted at a home eating at a bird feeder on Old Hyde Road behind Weston public schools,” The Forum said. “Harper went to the home and was able to chase the bear away.”


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