Vandalism, mailbox theft strikes Westport

Vandalism, mailbox theft strikes Westport

The Westport Police Department (WPD) has received over 20 complaints regarding vandalized or stolen mailboxes since May 12.

“The thefts and vandalisms have occurred during the overnight hours” and “these mailboxes cost between $100 and $450 to replace,” according to the WPD.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service has recommended a few steps to combat mailbox vandalism and theft.

“Immediately report theft, tampering, or destruction of mail or mailboxes to your Postmaster,” U.S. Postal Inspection Service said. “Obtain Label 33 from the Postal Inspection Service and affix it to your mailbox. The sticker warns that willful damage to mailboxes and theft of mail are crimes. Keep your mailbox in good repair, and make sure it’s properly installed. This may help prevent theft of the mailbox itself.”

Similarly to the recent mailbox vandalisms and thefts, Chloe Hankey ’19 and her neighbors have been victims of a similar crime.

“A street sign got stolen from my street three times,” Hankey said.

Hankey believes the thieves specifically targeted her street’s sign.

“They [the thieves] probably did this because my street is called High Street,” Hankey said.