Westport kids race in the YMCA Strong Kids Triathlon

Caroline O’Kane, Staff Writer

The Staples parking lot was packed full with over 75 cars holding dedicated runners, bikers, and swimmers, all of whom were ready to participate in the seventh annual YMCA Strong Kids Triathlon this Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Rob Reeves, Chief Executive Officer of the Westport Y describes this event as one of his favorites of the year. “It’s promoting healthy exercise, strong sportsmanship, and overall, a whole lot of fun,” Reeves said.

Children ages eight through 13 were enrolled in the race which started in the Staples pool, followed by biking around Staples’s campus and Wakeman, and finished with three quarters of a mile around the track.

Kristin Munley ’16 remembers her days of participating in the Triathlon as she watches her little sister Sarah speed though the course. “I remember thinking I was at the Olympic Trials. I looked forward to it year after year,” Munley said.

Whether the racer crossed the finish line in first or last place, the smile that beamed across their face as they embraced a hug from their parents, a high five from a friend, or received a shiny gold medal brought a smile to everyone who was around in return.