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Staples students dodge for a cause

The winning team poses for a photo after their big victory.

On April 1, boys and girls alike battled it out to steal the 2014 Dodge-a-Cop title.

Dodge-a-Cop, an event hosted by the Police Youth Collaborative, is a dodgeball tournament. Each team that signs up is comprised of five students and one cop.

The winning team was made up of James Rubin ’14, Steven Sobel ’14, Jake Reiner ’14, George Ingber ’14 and Dan Boyce ’14, who received t-shirts to commemorate their skills.

“The Dodge-a-Cop event is a perfect vehicle for getting kids and policemen together in a non-law enforcing atmosphere,” Officer Ned Batlin said.

Participating in this tournament creates unison amongst unexpected characters.

“Usually when you see a cop around town, it’s in a bad situation, so this event is a great way to connect with policemen in a positive environment,” Daisy Laska ’16 said.

Moreover, all proceeds go to a great cause.

“When a team signs up, their money goes directly to Homes for Hope, which is a charity which houses people in need,” Olivia Wiener ’15 said.

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Larissa Lieberson
Larissa Lieberson, Director of Social Media
“I love thrill seeking. Going down a roller coaster, trying new things, taking risks,” Larissa Lieberson ’15 said. Well, high school is all about trying new things, whether it’s Kool to be Kind, community service, or student ambassador, Lieberson has worked all ends of Staples’ spectrum of activities. This year, however, Lieberson will tackle a new role: Social Media Managing Editor. Her goals are to extend social media beyond the normal high school paper. She wants to give a voice to every person in the school. To let them know that they have a say in what they want to hear, or what they want to see publicized; and to make us feel more involved as a community. Lieberson prides herself in her ability to get work done, so there is no doubt in her mind that she will lay the new foundation for social media at Staples with big strides. Inklings has helped her to grow up throughout high school. Looking back, as a senior, she recalls how much she has grown up since freshman year. How there are so many things that she would not have even known if it weren’t for Inklings. “High school is a learning place. Staples lets you become who you are, in such a welcoming, open environment,” she said. But before Lieberson takes her final exit, she wants to repay Inklings for allowing her to feel so connected to Staples, by spreading this news to everyone over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although she has no idea what she where the years ahead may take her. Lieberson is grateful for her time at Staples and is excited to hop on the next roller coaster of senior year and ride out the rest of her time here on the paper.  
Connor Hardy
Connor Hardy, Staff Writer
Hilera Hardy is ironic. You probably know him as Connor Hardy. Yes, he likes to be ironic in his humor, but his life is ironic too. Hardy’s favorite sport is baseball. His favorite team is the Yankees: he watches all the games, and even participates in a fantasy league with all his friends. Naturally one could assume he plays on the school team. However, that would be incorrect. He never made the team as a freshman so he tried volleyball instead but, almost four years later baseball still remains number one. “I’m the baseball lover who plays volleyball,” jokes Hardy. As it would turn out, many aspects of Hardy’s life have an ironic twist. His last name, Hardy, means bold and strong, but those are two words he would not use to describe himself. His goal is to make people laugh, and he isn’t too concerned with weight lifting or leading the way. His dad owns the Boat Locker, a store for sailing and boating supplies, and Hardy himself considers himself an avid sailor with the rest of his family. However, his dog, named Sailor, hates water, especially puddles, yet again adding to the paradoxical nature of his life.

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