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Risky drinking game goes viral

Image courtesy of Kevin Lawver

Lately, Facebook newsfeeds have been filled with videos of people participating in Neknominate, a vigorous game which involves someone filming themselves as they chug alcoholic beverages mixed with other drinks and foods. However, recently it has become clear that the game can lead to danger due to the excessive drinking.

Right before the player drinks the cocktail, he will say, “I nominate [insert friends name]. You’ve got 24 hours. Get it done.” The ultimate point of the game is for the nominees to outdo the person who nominated them.

While not many Staples students have participated in this game, their screens have been swamped with videos of students from surrounding towns and Staples alum drinking their concoctions.

“My friend drank a beer on the sideline of a lacrosse game and nominated me,” a student from Weston High School, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “In order to outdo him, I drank beer, wine, bread, horseradish, salmon, cream cheese, salt, and honey all blended together.”

Similarly, an anonymous male Staples alum participated in game and filled his drink with alcohol and food; however, he soon realized the internet was not the place for this video.

“I took it off Facebook because it was for fun, but I don’t want my silly college aged actions to leak out to the public and potential future employers,” he said.

While the video could come back to haunt players as many are consuming alcohol under 21, the drink itself could also have many harmful and fatal side effects.

According to CNN news, five men under the age of thirty have died from drinking these fatal cocktails due to drinking too much alcohol in a short span of time.

Although Neknominate, according to the Staples alum, is fun, for some the risk of danger leaves them with no interest in playing.

“I personally don’t understand it and I wouldn’t ever do it. I think it’s weird for kids under 21 to be posting videos on their Facebook for everyone to see of them chugging a beer,” Kaela O’Kelley ’15 said.

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About the Contributor
Andrea Frost, Breaking News Managing Editor
Andrea Frost ’15 is not only a great writer but a very committed dancer at Westport Company. She takes classes in just about every style of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and point. Though her favorite style of dance to perform is jazz. “It’s the most energetic and you get to be sassy, where with ballet you have many more restrictions,” Frost said. Being the dedicated dancer that she is, she is at the studio ten hours a week (not including her weekend morning classes) honing her skills. Though she doubts that she will bring her talent to a professional stage, she is passionate and hopes to keep dance a part of her life in anyway possible. Balancing dance and Inklings may be difficult, but Frost proves it possible since she is the Breaking News Managing Editor. Which can be attributed to never growing out of  always asking why. However, curiosity wasn’t what first drew Frost into advanced journalism. She said that it is the community that really is the benefit of the paper, going on to further add that it is similar to the company dancers at Westport Company. Possible due to the  close knit fabric of the paper and the friendly yet competitive atmosphere. Whether she is dancing in the Nutcracker or writing her latest piece for Inklings, Frost is passionate and feeds that passion into her writing.

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