Westport Pizza’s Grand Opening, Take Two

Westport Pizza’s Grand Opening, Take Two

On Columbus Day back in 1968, Westport Pizza opened for the first time on 107 Main Street in downtown Westport. After 45 years, the restaurant has relocated to 143 Post Road East, the former location of Eatalia.

Restaurant owner Joe Mioli explained that he bought the new building when he was unsure whether his lease would be renewed by his landlord. Once he was told that a division of Gap was going to move into the former building, he began to fix up the new location. “I did a lot of work on this place,” Mioli said. “It was in such bad condition before I fixed it up.”

Both Mioli and his staff seem to be very content with their new location because of the cleaner working environment. “I think it’s more comfortable… It’s bigger, and just more comfortable,” Mioli said.

Waitress Jaime Smart expressed her satisfaction with the environment of the new location as well. “I think [business is] going to be more efficient– we’re going to continue what we did in the past but also improve with the new location and better working conditions,” Smart said.

Customers, such as Anna Eichhorn ‘16, seemed to feel the same way. l“I think the new place looks really good,” said Eichhorn. “The pizza is just as delish as ever, and the environment is much nicer.”

Although the location is new, Westport Pizza seems to be just as much of a tradition and an attraction as it has been since 1968.