Snow days break up spring break

Westport Public Schools have had six school cancellations this year, which is one day over the allotted five. As a result, April Break could potentially be reduced by a weekend and that first Monday, making the vacation six days long instead of nine.

The general response from students toward this announcement was mixed. Quinn Hughes ’16 has just accepted the extra day and still plans on coming to school.

“A lot of schools are taking away from their April break [due to weather] so I don’t feel too upset about it,” Hughes said. Hughes feels that his indifference has to do with him having no plans for travel during vacation.

For other students, though, who will be going away, the response is a little more varied.

Ruby Steinberg ’14, who is planning on going with Builder Beyond Borders to the Dominican Republic in April, was worried about changes in the group’s travel plans.

“I was scared that my trip would be cut short,” Steinberg said.

In addition to B3 trips, spring break is a common time for students to do college visits. Those traveling plan on missing school regardless.

“My family’s going on college tours so we’re going to have to leave anyway,” Kit Epstein ’17 said.

Shelby Cataldo ’15 is in a similar situation. “I’m not showing up,” she said. “I have schools to see, and I can’t reschedule.”

Cataldo, Epstein and other students interviewed agreed that not many students would show up on this day. As a result, instruction in classes would be less effective.

“One day won’t matter too much,” Epstein said.