Board of Education approves cuts to 2014-2015 school budget


Justine Seligson

Superintendent Elliot Landon, far right, sits with the Board of Education during Monday night’s meeting which determined the school budget.

Eliza Llewellyn, Web Managing Editor

At the Board of Education’s meeting on Monday, Feb. 10, BOE members approved a 2014-2015 school budget to be submitted to the Board of Finance.

The BOE’s budget would represent a 5.89 percent increase in funds from last year, a number that could change to a 5.19 percent increase if the BOF approves an appropriation for $1,088,709, a sum that would pay insurance claims and establish a health insurance reserve fund or “risk corridor.” These items stem from this year’s deficit in health insurance funds.

The BOE budget reflects reductions to Superintendent Elliott Landon’s proposed budget, which had originally called for a 6.51 percent increase. The decreases to the proposal included reductions in technology and instructional supplies, a decrease of one permanent substitute in each school, the removal of half of a paraprofessional from Coleytown Middle School, a reduced projection for special education costs, and the deferral of classroom refurbishments.

The budget also includes increases in programs, with an expanded STEM program in the middle school and added to the high school, and an additional paraprofessional for each elementary school.

“My priorities were maintaining all instructional programs and health and safety,” Landon said.