Best Buddies’ Boo Grams make their debut


There are candygrams in December, valentine lollipops in February and now, the newest addition to the calendar, the Best Buddies Boo grams. As a new tradition this year, the club Best Buddies created the Boo grams. Much like the other seasonal holiday treats, Boo grams are little bags of candycorn that can be purchased for friends.

However, the system that was used to distribute these festive goodies is quite different.

“We decided to do it differently because we can’t go interrupting classes,” club advisor Patty McQuone said. “We sent out a mass email by name [to those who received a boo gram] so that students knew to come pick it up”.

Proceeds of this fundraiser go into the Best buddies account to go towards group activities for the club.

“The more money we raise the more we can do fun things together,” Renee Reiner ’15 said.

The group plans on using the money for events like monthly birthday parties, ice skating, trips to the movies and to send students to the international Best Buddies conference over the summer.

“For the first time doing them the outcome was better than I expected it to be,” club president Victoria Pappas ’15 said.

Best Buddies plans to continue this fundraiser in coming years.

“Next year we’re pushing for people asking each other to dances like counties and red and whites with Boo Grams. That would be cute,” McQuone said.

Best Buddies members and staff are all very pleased with the success of this year’s Boo Grams and cannot wait until next Halloween to keep the tradition going.

“Next year we know exactly what to do and how to get organized so it will only get better,” Pappas said.