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Administration praises homecoming behavior

Jimmy Ray Stagg
A packed crowd stands for the white-out.

This year’s homecoming football game was truly one of a kind. The past three homecoming football games have been scheduled either early mornings or midweek nights. This year, however, was different. The Staples Wreckers took on the Wilton Warriors on Friday evening, Sept. 20, under the lights.

Prior to the game, there was speculation as to whether or not students would behave appropriately or if it would be a repeat of 2009, in which many students were found to be intoxicated, some hospitalized and suspended. However, much to the delight of both students and staff,  2013 homecoming was a huge success.

Principal John Dodig’s overall reaction to the night was “positive. I liked it. It was spirited, and behavior was excellent.” The game went smoothly with very limited incidents and lots of positive energy. Dodig believes this is a result of the wholesome relationship between students and staff and the mutual respect they have for one another.

With a dozen police officers presenthalf in uniform, half in civilian clothingthere were no reports made. “As the principal of a large, public high school, it does not get much better than this,” Dodig said.

“Overall, I was impressed with the participation, enthusiasm and excitement that the student body provided throughout the whole week and day,” junior assistant principal James Farnen said.

The administration was not alone in its feelings of satisfaction by the results of the Friday night game. “It was really fun and I was kind of surprised about how well it went, but we definitely proved ourselves and I’m looking forward to being able to have homecoming on a Friday as a senior,” Claire Saracena ’15 said.

The widespread content with the outcome of homecoming provides excitement for students to be attending next year. Administrators breathe a sigh of relief as the game comes and goes without conflict.

“I’m a happy guy,” Dodig said.

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Emma Berry
Emma Berry, Opinions Editor
Emma Berry ’15 is Inklings’ Opinions page editor, but wishes she was something more - something like Beyoncè. Emma was born in Paris and lived there for three years before she moved to London. Another three years later, she moved to Westport just in time to start Kindergarten at Coleytown Elementary School. She went to Coleytown Middle School, and now she attends Staples High School. This Senior girl spends her non-Beyonce-like days working hard for Inklings and being the captain of the Staples ski team. When she’s not on the slopes with her teammates, she continues to practice her skills in Vermont on the weekends. She is very dedicated to this sport that she says is “truly exhilarating.” Another thing Emma loves is her family, which consists of her parents, two brothers and dog. Together, they ski and travel. Her favorite destination they traveled to thus far was Dublin, Ireland, which is where her cousins, aunts and uncles live. Emma enjoys listening to all types of music ranging from pop to alternative. Although, she does have a disdain for country music. To her, each song is a three minute display of Americans trying to be as patriotic as possible. Nevertheless, she still loves her country. For her final year at Staples, Emma is looking forward to all the events and activities that come with being a senior. For years, she has been waiting for motorcade, homecoming and all the senior traditions. She is excited to see what her senior year has in store for her.
Jimmy Ray Stagg
Jimmy Ray Stagg, Web Creative Director
Jimmy Ray Stagg is a Staples senior and has been an Inklings writer since sophomore year. He likes to cover sports and plays baseball and football in his free time. “I could write forever about sports,” said Stagg. He plans to play catcher for Staples again this year. His favorite baseball team is the Mets. “It’s great to be a Mets fan”, said Stagg, “especially with the year that the Mets are having.” Stagg is also a Patriots fan. “I can talk about the Patriots forever,” said Stagg. Stagg is a member of both Orphenians and Staples Players. Stagg had his acting debut at eight in Children Of Eden and has been in many Bedford and Staples plays since. “I have a thing for attention,” said Stagg. Stagg is a great Inklings mentor and I have already learned much from him in the past two weeks.

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