Lobster Fest Comes to Town

Blown Away: A glass blower demonstrates how to create a lobster ornament.

Claudia Chen

Blown Away: A glass blower demonstrates how to create a lobster ornament.

When teeth start to chatter at the bus stop in the morning and pumpkins adorn the entrances of many homes, everyone knows that summer has come to an end. But the end of anything comes with a celebration to welcome the new, and the second annual Lobster Festival at Compo Beach knew just how to say goodbye to summer.

The festivities were hosted by the Westport Rotary Club and took place from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sept. 21. With lively music from Terrapin, a Grateful Dead cover band, and delicious steak and lobster provided by Stew Leonard’s, the fest certainly brought Westport together.

“I think it’s a great way for the community to get together and eat great food and it’s such a nice place and such a nice day,” said Peter Lagerloef ’14, who served ice cream for Joey’s by the Shore at the event.

Other Staples students who volunteered at the event echoed Lagerloef’s good spirits. “It’s always good to give back to the community,” said Abby LaFleur ’16, who is the daughter of a Rotarian that helped organize the event.

With over 1,200 attendees, the Westport Rotary Club certainly had a lot to give back when the event came to a close. Tickets were priced at $20 for children and $50 for adults and all profits were donated to the humanitarian organizations that they contribute to.

“I think it’s terrific that we have an event that so many people want to come to and that the town really loves and at the same time we make a lot of money for the charities that we support,” said John, a Rotarian and volunteer at the event who declined to mention his surname.