The Luck of the Draw

16 years and 4 months is the length of time that teenagers in Connecticut have to wait until they can have the freedom to drive themselves around without a passenger. These students wait patiently, having to deny opportunities to be with friends or go to practices if no parent can fit it around their schedule. Day after day of rushing to the bus stop with plenty of time before school starts, but still not making it to class on time.

Finally after 196 months (assuming they attend Driver’s Ed and pass their test), they can transport themselves around with ease and convenience. But even that doesn’t solve every problem.

11th graders still can’t park in the Staples Parking lot unless they win the Junior Parking Raffle that takes place around Halloween.

In order to be eligible for this privilege, 11th graders must have a valid drivers licence and “cannot have any parking infractions,” said Assistant Principal James Farnen.  All students have to do is register online, cross their fingers, and provide documentation in the office when they pay.

Many Juniors enter the Parking Raffle to avoid being stuck parking at Wakeman, which can be inconvenient for many. “I think it’s really annoying especially when I have to walk all the way back after practice,” said Emma Laney, ‘15. Emma hopes to be one of the lucky winners this year so that she can shorten her lengthy morning and afternoon walks.

However, others aren’t as bothered by the walk, but they have different reasons why they would want a spot closer to the building. “I really didn’t mind the walk from Wakeman (except I didn’t really experience that in the freezing winter) but parking at school allowed me to leave a good 15 minutes later in the morning which actually makes a huge difference,” said Natalie Pulvino, ‘14, who won a ticket during last year’s Junior Lottery.

Last year, approximately 50-60 students entered and about 25 won spots, according to Pulvino. They were able to start parking there in early November and kept their spots for the remainder of their Junior year.