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Campus Shivers: Visiting (or Studying at) Cold Colleges

At the University of Chicago, it has dropped to lows of -14˚F.
Graphic by Ryder Chasin ’14. Photo contributed by Isaac Stein ’12.
At the University of Chicago, it has dropped to lows of -14˚F.

To see what Isaac Stein ’12 recommends for dealing with the weather, check out his four tips for facing the cold.

Isaac Stein ’12 woke up each morning during the week of Jan. 21 to -14˚F Chicago cold. Studying at the University of Chicago, he was prepared to face wintry weather. However, this cold, to Stein, can only be characterized as “real.”

“It’s a dry, caustic cold,” Stein said. “It gets into your bones.”

However, Stein is a fan of this extreme weather. Stein explained, “To me, it’s inspirational. It’s raw. I can go on about my day and picture myself fighting a second Stalingrad, so to speak.”

At this point in his college career, Stein has found nothing but positives through the harsh months in Chicago.

Even the possibility of weather like this does not seem to deter many Staples students from thinking about attending a cold weather school.

Zack Pensak ’13 described a cold weather college as “very plausible, if not necessary.” He explained that this could mostly be attributed to his exquisite taste in sweaters.

“I am widely regarded for my choice in sweaters during the wintry months of the year,” he said. “I hope to keep my sweater reputation alive well into my college years.”

Students also have expressed that they value education over the daily weather. Jack Cody ’14 said that weather would not be a factor for him while choosing which colleges to apply to.

“I like both warm and cold weather and will be picking a college for its academics. It makes no difference to me if it is cold for a few months.”

According to the SuperMatch college search on Naviance, there are 22 factors in finding a college that will match exactly what you want. These factors range from sports to campus setting and everything in between. Whether it be their taste in sweaters or the inspiration derived from fighting their way through the cold like it was 1942 in the Soviet Union, Staples students seem to view the wintry weather as a huge positive or a non-factor in the whole college process.

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Bobby Jacowleff, Web Sports Editor
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