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Grade Glitch: E-School Dysfunction Disrupts Students

Principal John Dodig sent out an email notifying parents of an eSchool glitch. Midterm grades had been entered as affecting quarter grades when they should have been categorized separately.

On Monday, Jan. 28, Principal John Dodig sent out an email notifying Staples faculty, parents, and students of the minor glitch in the eSchool Online Grading System that allows students to access recent grades at the click of a button.

The problem was a miscalculation of average quarter grades, since most teachers posted the grades for the midterm exams in the Report Card Run for the second marking period. Students’ midterm grades affected quarter grades when they should have been factored into the semester grade as a separate category.

In the email, Dodig posted an informational picture from the District Tech Department diagramming how to access the accurate quarter and semester grade by clicking on the “See All Averages” button below each course’s grade summary.

“I knew that Home Access Center’s averages for each ‘run’ may not be accurate, so I kind of use Home Access Center to get a general idea of where I stand in a class, but know it is not my exact grade,” Jill Rappaport ’13 said.

Although Rappaport was aware of eSchool’s shortcomings, many other students and parents did not have prior knowledge of these glitches.

“It caused my parents frustration when they couldn’t decide whether or not to punish me since they couldn’t view my accurate grade,” Lucas Jackson ’15 said.

While some students faced possibly unjust punishments, others were unaffected.

“I did not know about the glitch! I knew it was down on the 29th for a little, but I didn’t realize that grades had been messed up before,” Hannah Myers ’14 said.

However, the issue left some feeling less than secure about the online grading system. As Rappaport described, “These glitches are certainly tedious, since they leave me to calculate my grades on my own. Even then, there’s always a sense of uncertainty.”


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Bailey Valente
Bailey Valente, Sports Editor
Bailey Valente ’13 is the definition of a Superfan. She frequents the stands at Staples football games and watches ESPN over “Gossip Girl”. However, she never plays sports. Valente figures that if she can’t play the game, she might as well do the next best thing: contribute through journalism and her love of writing. After taking Intro to Journalism her sophomore year, she worked on the paper as a staff writer her junior year and is now a sports editor. Aside from sports, Valente’s interests also lie in helping others. Her love for volunteer work led to her being an active participant in the National Charity League, a non-required organization for students who would like to assist others and in their community. It is through NCL that she found out about the Caroline House inBridgeport,Conn., where Valente helps out every Thursday. She may be the one helping out others by tutoring local students in elementary level subjects, but Valente reaps the benefits as well. She feels the reward in her tutoring and enjoys seeing her work pay off when one of her students grasps a concept or gets a correct answer. “I love putting smiles on people’s faces,” she said.

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