Swirling Soon: Pinkberry to Add to Westport’s Retail Boom


Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt store, is set to open on Nov. 23 and will occupy Go Figure’s spot on the Post Road.

Big chains like Urban Outfitters, Benefit and Jack Wills have revitalized downtown Westport over the past few years. This year, on Nov. 23, another popular chain will open and start to swirl. Pinkberry, an upscale frozen yogurt store, is set to open a store at 111 Post Rd. E next to Urban Outfitters.

Jamie Karson will be the owner of the Westport franchise of Pinkberry. Karson is also the owner of Pinkberry franchises in Fairfield and Greenwich, two of the five Pinkberry locations in Connecticut.

“Westport is a perfect home for Pinkberry,” Karson said.

The town already boasts many other ice cream and frozen yogurt stores.

Mere blocks away from Pinkberry’s home-to-be, employees at frozen yogurt place Louise’s Top This do not think the new store will significantly affect business.

“We have very loyal customers,” said employee Lauren Roach “We are also very different than Pinkberry: we are more natural, we have different flavors and we are also self serve, which is fun for customers.”

Pinkberry’s other neighbors on the Post Road are looking forward to the new addition. Clothing store Mixology, a few doors down from where the frozen yogurt shop will open, is excited for the new crowds.

“We are very excited,” said Mixology employee Dylan Rait. “[Pinkberry] will affect our business for the better, and we love froyo!”